The Marshall Place Gallery now has a new show on display, featuring local artists Claudia Lowery and Charlotte McCarty, which will hang now through mid-November.

The show features a variety of works from both artists and marks the first time that McCarty’s work has been on display for the public.

Lowery is a long standing members of the Marshall art scene, coming out of retirement recently after 10 years to work now as the art teacher at Price T. Young Elementary School. Lowery has also served as the director of the Marshall Arts League, and has owned and operated her own gallery as well as worked as an art teacher for a number of years.

It was through her work as an art teacher that Lowery and McCarty first became acquainted, with McCarty stating that she only started taking up painting a little over a year before as Lowery’s student.

“I painted years and years ago, but I quit and I don’t know why,” McCarty said, “Then, I got a disease, like Parkinson’s, where my hands shake, and I thought that art would help me that because you need to have a steady hand.”

Reaching out to Lowery for instruction, McCarty said that the two have been working for over a year together to learn techniques and skills that have lead to the creation of the many pieces of art she now has on display at the Marshall Place Gallery.

“Charlotte has not only inspired me, she has become a dear friend,” Lowery said, “I just think it’s amazing, she always showed a natural talent, but the work she has been able to do is just amazing.”

McCarty’s work features various pieces she has been inspired to create throughout her work with Lowery, stating that she has no specific style but rather paints what she likes.

Lowery’s work throughout the show is split 50/50 between new abstract pieces she is displaying for the first time, as well as portraits featuring a number of artists from the local music and art scenes.

Portraits of local musicians and artists, as well as nationally recognized celebrities, all make up the faces featured in Lowery’s work.

A meet and greet with the two artists is planned for Oct. 28, from 4 to 6 p.m. at the gallery. The event is free and open to the public, with both artists encouraging community members to come out and enjoy the art.

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