In late February, the Republican Women of Harrison County held their monthly meeting. It was catered by Catfish Express.

Several local officials were in attendance including: John Oswalt, Nancy George, B.J. Fletcher, Reid McCain, William Hatfield, Sherry Rushing, Brad Morin and Veronica King. The speaker was Kristi Antonick. She is the TFRW District 1 Director.

“She did a great job of instructing us on how to get more involved with the election and how to educate our kids by teaching them the constitution and the Republican values,” organizers said. It is up to us to do this! Thank you for a great motivational speech. We appreciate your time.” The organization also had four new members join.

Early McWhorter won the bid for the bowl with the engraving of the U. S. House of Representatives Seal on it that Louie Gohmert donated for the Lincoln Day Dinner.