Each Christmas there is a team comprised of volunteers — Santa and some elves if you will — that are moving quietly about organizing a Merry Christmas for those who are simply in need of assistance.

Provisions for JC, which operates the JC Training Center,is normally a business full of students trying to learn and better themselves. They specialize in providing training for medical billing and coding, medical secretaries, business accounting, construction and contracting, medical insurance billing, coding for medical secretaries, medical office management and health information technology.

But at Christmas they have another mission — to become elves for their annual toy giveaway, which was held Saturday.

This year, Dr. Janet Washington, Terrance Campbell, Cadelia Bennett, Robert Gaut, Elgene Bennett and Russell Clark (otherwise known as Santa Claus), organized more than 400 toys with lists, that they checked more than twice, to partner children with just the right toys this Christmas.

“We work on it all year-round,” Washington said. The organization has been providing toys since 2003.

Though the designated toy pick up day is supposed to be a single day, Washington said, many times it is extended due to issues with adults picking up toys for their children.

Toys are donated by various children’s charities, locals, even Walmart which gets into the giving spirit each year.

To receive toys, individual families must fill out a form seeking assistance and that asks what ages and genders the children receiving presents are.

Families are able to request specific toys such as a doll or a bike, and if the donation is available it will be provided.

The program is typically open for children toddler age through early teens. However, they do sometimes provide gifts for older teens.

“Teens are the hardest age group to get presents for,” Washington said. “We try to save flat irons, makeup and headphones for them in order to provide them with Christmas presents.”

Even adults get a present this year, which is house slippers.

After Washington’s team of elves helps collect the presents, they are labeled and ready for pickup by the families.

Santa is able to hand off the gifts in time for families to wrap them up for Christmas.

Anyone who would like to donate to the cause may do so online at jctrainingcenter.org or call 903-935-4182 for more information.