Quincy mugshot

Quincy McCollister Jr.

An arrest has been made by the Marshall ISD Police Department in connection to the threatening phone calls that were placed last week.

After the phone calls were placed to both Marshall High School and the Administration Building, lockdowns were enforced at all campus buildings and schools both Thursday and Friday.

Quincy Earl McCollister Jr., 17, was arrested and charged Wednesday with two counts of making a False Alarm or Report, Emergency, which is punishable as a state jail felony. The charge is a felony since the false report involved “ a public or private institution of higher education or involving a public primary or secondary school.”

The arrest was made following an investigation into a series of phone calls made to MHS and MISD Administration on the morning of Oct. 3.

The calls forced district officials to place all district facilities on lockdown status for over two hours. A second series of calls was made to both Administration and MHS on Oct. 4, which prompted a second districtwide lockdown of approximately 45 minutes.

MISD Police led the investigation, with assistance from the city of Marshall Police Department. MISD police officers were stationed at MHS during Thursday’s lockdown, with MPD officers covering other schools and district facilities over the course of the two days.

“The cooperation of our police department with Marshall PD was outstanding,” said MISD Superintendent Dr. Jerry Gibson after Friday’s events. Gibson commended both MISD Police Chief Joe Arledge and Marshall PD Chief Cliff Carruth on working tirelessly to gather evidence to track down the suspect and ultimately make an arrest.

“I want to commend our local law enforcement for their help and cooperation throughout this entire process,” Gibson said.

“The safety and security of our students is our number one priority,” Gibson continued. “In today’s climate we cannot take any threats lightly, and the decision to go on lockdown at all of our campuses is one that we do not take lightly, either. But I would rather make that decision then risk the safety of any of our students or our staff who protect them. Our staff responded in a professional way during the course of last week’s events, and I am confident that at no time were our students in danger.”

Gibson last week said the district will seek to prosecute “to the fullest extent of the law” anyone found to be responsible for last week’s phone calls to the district.