ELYSIAN FIELDS — Elysian Fields ISD officials announced Wednesday the district has joined a growing list of other area schools in ending remote learning, requiring students to return to face to face classroom instruction.

The face to face classroom instruction for all district students will begin next week.

Elysian Fields ISD Superintendent Maynard Chapman said data collected since the start of school shows remote learning is not benefitting students.

Chapman also said the district has seen few COVID-19 cases since the start of school.

“Based upon the first six weeks’ data, less than 6 percent of students in Elysian Fields ISD are enrolled in remote learning and over 54 percent of our remote learners failed one or more courses,” Chapman said. “We feel like this decision is best for the students in Elysian Fields ISD and for the mental health of both our students and staff. We look forward to a closer return to normalcy and want to reiterate that we strongly wish to have your student back in our classrooms. Our ultimate goal is for all students to be successful and to reach their maximum potential.”

Jefferson ISD trustees voted Tuesday to end it’s voluntary remote learning for all but those students sent home for sickness or to quarantine, or those students cleared for remote learning due to special needs under specific case by case scenarios.

Elysian Fields and Jefferson ISDs join Hallsville, Tyler, Gilmer, New Diana ISDs and others in deciding to end remote learning and return to face to face classroom instruction.