HARLETON — A missing Harleton teen was found safe at an Oklahoma campsite on Tuesday, according to Harrison County Sheriff B.J. Fletcher Wednesday.

Harleton 13-year-old Patricia Wilson, who had been reported as a runaway by her parents from the Lake Deerwood area of Harleton on Friday, was found by Oklahoma authorities about midnight on Tuesday at an Oklahoma campsite.

Fletcher said Wednesday Harrison County Sheriff's Office investigators entered Wilson into the state and national missing child database upon her parents' reporting and interviews among community members in the area were immediately conducted, along with a search of the area and review of surveillance video.

"A second search of the Lake Deerwood area was completed Sunday, which revealed no signs the juvenile remained in the area," the sheriff's statement said. "Harrison County Sheriff’s investigators completed multiple interviews, reviewed hours of video, and analyzed other information that was obtained, which did reveal two persons of interest."

Investigators interviewed Daniel Czerwinksi, 39, of Wilmer, Texas, and Azlaera Hoffner, 30, of Iowa, on Tuesday afternoon, whom they believed the teen had left the area with prior.

"During the interviews with Hoffner and Czerwinksi, it was determined that the juvenile was transported to Oklahoma to a remote campsite on Sunday," the statement said. "Once the couple began to travel back to the East Texas area, they left the juvenile with only a sleeping bag, minimal food, and without shelter at the remote campsite."

Harrison County investigators notified Oklahoma authorities who then went to the campsite and found the teen safe at about midnight on Tuesday.

Investigators are in the process of obtaining criminal arrest warrants for Czerwinksi and Hoffner for their involvement in this investigation.

"I am glad to see this young person found safe and un-injured. This community was gravely concerned for her safety and well-being. I am proud of the deputies and investigators for their hard work in this case. Sadly, situations like this, often do not have a happy ending, but in this case, we do," Fletcher said.

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