Local hot check writers are being given a chance to help themselves as Harrison County Criminal District Attorney Reid McCain announced today that people with outstanding hot check warrants in the county will have one month to pay off their debts and avoid arrest in an upcoming roundup.

“At this time there are over $1,262,000 worth of outstanding hot checks, dating back to the early 2000s, and most of these cases have outstanding warrants,” The District Attorney’s Office stated in a press release.

The amnesty period begins on June 1 and will run through July 1.

“During that period, anyone who believes they have an outstanding hot check warrant can call the District Attorney’s Office at (903) 935-8408 to get the amount owed,” the DA’s office informed.

Payments should be made in person at the Harrison County Courthouse located at 200 W. Houston, Suite. 206.

“All payments shall be made by money order or cashier’s check to avoid jail time,” the District Attorney’s Office noted. “Once these outstanding debts are paid, the individual warrants will be dismissed.”

Further, once the amnesty period has expired, law enforcement agencies throughout the county will begin an active warrant roundup. The DA’s office wants to make sure that local businesses get what’s due to them.

“It’s time our local businesses need to be made whole,” McCain stated. “This should have been done years ago. I understand that some people go through hard times, and have no bad intentions, but our local businesses have been affected, and they deserve to be made whole. For those citizens who feel that they have gotten in over their heads with these outstanding obligations, this is the perfect opportunity for them to help themselves.”