Both Harrison and Marion Counties imposed a burn ban Tuesday morning, prohibiting outdoor burning in the unincorporated areas of the respective counties.

The Harrison County Commissioners Court approved the burn ban at today's commissioners court meeting. The ban is effective immediately, said Harrison County Judge Chad Sims.

"The commissioners court finds that circumstances present in all or part of the unincorporated area of the county create a public safety hazard that would be exacerbated by outdoor burning," Harrison County's burn ban order states.

The Keetch-Byram Drought Index, which predicts the likelihood of wildfires based on soil moisture and other conditions related to drought, recommends a burn ban once counties exceed the 575 mark.

The 90-day burn ban will be in place for the entire county unless restrictions are terminated earlier based on a determination made by the commissioners court or county judge, upon recommendation of the fire marshal, based on a determination that the circumstances that required the order no longer exist.

According to the order outdoor burning is prohibited with the exception of outdoor cooking only in enclosed pits or grills.

Marion County's burn ban is effective at 5 p.m., today, Judge Leward LeFleur said.

"It's pretty dry," LeFleur said of conditions.

“Real dry,” Commissioner J.R. Ashley concurred.