A Marshall man seeking help from law enforcement because he didn’t pay his narcotics supplier and was concerned about his safety was arrested Thursday after the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office said they found 825 grams of methamphetamine in his car.

Pedro Serrano, 32, has been charged with possession of a controlled substance in penalty group one measuring greater than or equal to 400 grams and resisting arrest search or transport.

The Harrison County Sheriff’s Office said Serrano came to the department around 2:40 p.m. Thursday claiming to be in danger. He asked to speak with members of the Joint Harrison County Violent Crime & Narcotics Task Force because he was concerned with his safety.

“Task Force Investigators escorted Serrano to Sheriff’s Office interview room, where they began interviewing him,” HCSO said. “During the interview, Serrano said he had a large quantity of narcotics in his vehicle, which he had parked outside. The Interview revealed that Serrano was seeking safety from Law Enforcement after not paying for the narcotics from a supplier. As the interview concluded and Investigators began arresting Serrano for the narcotics, he began fighting them while inside the interview room.”

Serrano was arrested and taken to the Harrison County Jail. A search warrant was executed on his car, and officials found 825 grams of meth.

“Law Enforcement is a unique career, and every day is different, as this episode clearly shows,” Sheriff Brandon “BJ” Fletcher said. “I am thankful these narcotics landed in our lap instead of the streets or lives of our community. Fortunately, none of my staff were injured during the struggle of trying to arrest this suspect.”

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