In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, where more people are in need than ever before, the local food pantry Mission Marshall is stepping up and expanding their coverage to both Harrison and Marion county residents.

“We always tell people about Blessings of Grace, but what we found is a lot of people were going to both, because they needed more help,” said Executive Director of the food pantry Misty Scott.

Scott said that after a large number of Marion County residents started coming to Mission Marshall for assistance, it became clear to the board that the best course of action would be to open up the pantry to both communities.

“What we used to do is when we got someone from a different county we would feed them for one month, and then refer them to the pantry in their area,” Scott said.

Now, the pantry will be open to feeding community members from both communities each month.

Harrison County currently sees about 15.8 percent of its residents face food insecurity every month, with Marion County seeing about 19.5 percent.

“Food insecure is just a fancy way of saying that that’s how much of our community doesn’t have enough nutritious food to eat each month,” Scott said.

She explained that by expanding Mission Marshall’s coverage, they hope to see these numbers continue to reduce.

To help with the expansion, Scott said that Mission Marshall will be reaching out to residents and groups within Marion County to ask for support for the work that they do.

The pantry accepts donations of food to their pantry, located at 2109 S. Washington Avenue. Monetary donations can also be donated at the building, or through the group’s website at