Harrison County Judge Chad Sims, on Tuesday, reported five new COVID-19 cases for the county, only one of which was from a long-term nursing facility. 

The judge also reported five recoveries for Tuesday.

"Handwashing and social distancing are great but keeping your mouth covered greatly slows the spread of germs/viruses. If you’re going to be out and near other people, please be considerate and thoughtful. Wear your mask. It takes all of us to stop the spread," he said, in his 4 p.m. daily social media update.

Of the 313 cumulative total of COVID-19 cases for the county, 30 have ended in death and 232 have been recoveries for a current total of 51 active cases.

“Please let this jump in our numbers be an encouragement to you to practice excellent hygiene and prevent the spread,” Judge Sims urged. “Join me in praying for all of these affected.”

Marion County was notified that one additional case of COVID-19 has been reported. The county's total accumulative cases are now at 26 with one fatality, 20 recoveries and five active cases.


According to the latest statistics on the Department of State Health Services database, as of 4:42 p.m., Tuesday, 244 of the state’s 254 counties were reporting cases.

Approximately 2,119,036 tests had been administered across the state. A total of 156,986 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed. Of those, a total of 2,424 have resulted in death and 84,818 have recovered, for a total of 72,744 active cases.