In an ever-changing world, it’s important for us to equip children with all the tools and skillsets they need to succeed. Klondike Leadership Academy (KLA) focuses on doing just that. This summer, Klondike Academy and HealthCARE Express will be sponsoring two programs to keep children learning and engaged during their break.

First, bookworms should check out Klondike’s Reading Program. All your child has to do is read for 30 minutes a day for at least five days a week. Each child will receive access to EPIC, an online library source, so they can have plenty of options to read at their fingertips. Participating kiddos will have the chance to win a $200 Target gift card. At the end of the summer, all parents have to do is email us their child’s reading tracking sheet to be entered. For more information go to

Klondike Leadership Academy is also hosting a Summer Virtual STEAM Camp for children between the ages of 4 to 13. In this camp, children will learn the skills necessary to become a leader and they will explore various career fields in science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Students will carry out experiments, create artistic pieces, engage in team activities, learn new technologies, and see how art and science work in the real world.

The virtual academy is free and can be done from home.

The KLA Summer Virtual STEAM Camp will utilize Google Classroom to connect with and educate its campers. Children will be taught and guided through projects that focus on the career fields they are interested in. Children can work at a pace they’re comfortable with, so they don’t have to worry about trying to keep up with each other.

The KLA Virtual STEAM Club is perfect for kids who are interested in any of the following careers: photographer, chef, scientist, forensic scientist, influencer, reporter, meteorologist, zoologist, graphic designer, engineer, web/software developer and many more.

While teaching valuable new skills, this program will also provide some real-world experience for its campers.

For example, children interested in graphic design will be asked to make logos and graphics to aid the children who are aiming to become influencers, and they may even be able to help out local businesses.

Children with an interest in reporting will be able to write or record news reports that will be published by Texarkana FYI.

Not only will students learn a few new lifelong skills, but the top five children who earn the most points during camp will win a prize and become the face for sponsors Klondike Academy and Healthcare Express.

Go to to learn more and join the camp.