Jim Sanders with Psalm 23 vase he made for his son-in-law which will be in the art center exhibit.

From Staff Reports

Marshall’s own Master Potter, James Sanders, is exhibiting his work from Nov. 4 to Dec. 18 at the Marshall Visual Art Center. The exhibit contains 80 pieces and is titled, “Sanders’ Pottery through the Years.”

Sanders’ designs include intricately carved patterns with neutral, but bold, color patterns. Most of the carvings are nature-based, as Sanders is often inspired by what he sees outdoors, including leaves, trees, birds and flowers. Some pieces from the past are not for sale but can be ordered. Others can be purchased and taken home that night. Prices range from $11 to $600.

He uses paring and Xacto knives to carve and make cut-outs in his work and formulates his own glazes in tones of blue, gray, brown, green, orange, black and white.

The Sanders’ moved to Marshall in 1973 to work as a production Potter at Marshall Pottery. In 1974, he and his wife, Kay, have operated their Sanders’ Pottery Studio out of their home. The Sanders’ used to travel to as many as 35 art and craft shows per year. They’ve cut back to about six shows per year.

A native of Illinois, he holds a degree in art education and did further graduate work in ceramics. After moving to Texas, he worked for more than 20 years with the Texas Commission on the Arts as an Artist in Education and Artist in Residence, working with the Marshall and Longview arts councils.

Sanders has won several first place prizes and best of show for his quality work. Pieces range in price from $11 to $600. The items purchased in the Gallery Show will remain until Dec. 18. The pieces in the smaller display that are purchased that night may be taken home.