Around 400 community members braved the wind and rain to join local first responders at the Marshall Community Center for the annual Harrison County First Responders banquet.

Harrison County Judge Chad Sims, who acted as master of ceremonies for the event, said that the focus of the annual banquet by the Marshall Prayer Force is to bring Christians in the community together with local first responders to commit to pray daily for them.

Saturday’s event featured two key speakers, Congressman Nathaniel Moran and Dr. Lance Wallnau, who both spoke on the importance of the work done by first responders.

Moran encouraged local first responders to be strong and courageous. He also stated that the even though society seems to put a premium on movie stars and athletes, being a first responder is a much higher calling.

Dr. Wallnau discussed what it meant for Christians to bring their beliefs and values into every area of their daily lives. He mentioned that often a few people are big influencers in the major areas of our culture. He added that Christians need to be active and involved so that the Christian foundation that America was built upon is not lost.

“It is heartwarming to see our community turn out so strongly to support all of our first responders in Harrison County,” Sims said.

A number of door prizes were also given away during Saturday’s annual event, with the grand prize of an AR-15 style 12 gauge shotgun donated by Meadowbrook Funeral Home; it was won by Marshall Police Officer Stacy Roach.

Additional gift donors and sponsors for the event included Porky’s Smokehouse, Vernon & Pat Lewis, Jose Tequila’s, Deborah’s Boutique, Juicy’s Restaurant, First Responder Prayer Force, and Lowe’s for discounting gift purchases.

Throughout the year, the Harrison County Prayer Force works not only to support local first responders through prayer, but also encourages other communities to create their own prayer force organizations.

Sims said that Marion County has come together to form their own organization and will host their first banquet this May.

City Reporter

Jessica Harker has been the city reporter with the Marshall News Messenger since 2019.