There is no need to ask about the weather, you can know about it from sunup to sundown and the humidity at night makes this the difficult time of the year for me.

If you find the cooling bill too much, just give yourself an early Christmas gift and pay the bill. The known fact is that it will cool off as we move into October and football games. Our garden plants will take off in about six weeks and all will wish for a fall garden.

A lady in Carthage that always had wonderful vegetable gardens said, “You make a big mistake if you don’t plant your garden near a water supply.” East Texas gardens need a drink in August and September. Mrs. Rhodes knew what she was talking about.

If the rain can hold off today, we may get our pastures fertilized. If it is too wet, we’ll just fertilize when we can.

This fall (you can do it now) be sure and soil test if you have not in the last two years. County agent Matt Garrett made a number of trips to Stephen F. Austin State University last fall and this spring to deliver the soil samples. They can be mailed, and Matt has the bags to collect the soil samples in.

The Waskom FFA students will be having a baked goods sale from 9 a.m. to noon today at Dillard’s Feed House and Buchanan’s Feed, with the funds raised going to help with the expenses of the state FFA convention in Fort Worth.

Great cooks are represented in the sales.

“To believe in heaven is not to run away from life; it is to run toward it.” — Adrian Rogers

“Courage is the quality it takes to look at yourself with candor, your adversaries with kindness and your setbacks with serenity.” — William A. Ward

An opportunity to learn more about your family’s future will be available from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Thursday, July 18 at a homebuyers seminar at the Marshall Housing Authority, 1401 Poplar St., Marshall. Learn the steps to buying a home and the process of obtaining a mortgage loan. Call Alicia Ratcliff of Bancorp South at 903-927-4962.

A new law that becomes effective Sept. 1 allows owners of a Texas hunting and fishing license to use digital proof of ownership. This should be a step in the right direction; just another way to prove that you do have a license.

If you are in the beef cattle business, mark your calendar for Oct. 4 and 5 for the regional meeting of the Stockmanship and Stewardship Organization at the Ike Expo facility in West Monroe, Louisiana.

Five such gatherings are held across America. The program was introduced in March at Tulare, California, then Ft. Collins, Colorado; Ames, Iowa; and Manhattan, Kansas, with the final meeting in Louisiana. More information will become available as the time draws closer.

Those of us who have enjoyed the Spartan Mosquito Eradicator should keep in mind it protects us for about 90 days and then must be replaced. The expense for the product is nothing near the amount of pleasure it provides by not having the pest around to sting us.

If it performed well the first time you used the product, another 90 days of protection should take us to autumn in our part of Texas. Sure hope the inventor develops other products for other pests and I hear he is.

Continue to mow your lawn at the same height as you were earlier in the year. A fertilizer boost to Bermuda grass lawns will make the turf more intensive. Do not fertilize San Augustine lawns as it will enhance the problems of fungi and diseases.

One more reminder about “webworms,” a pest that is arriving earlier this season. Tear up the webs — get them out of the trees if you can reach them as they continue to damage when the webs are enclosed. A cane fishing pole with a clothes hanger hook works well if folks still have cane poles around.

Gradually, our days are getting shorter in daylight hours. However, we still have the hot days of July and August to get through to football season.