It has been warm, but it is August in East Texas and the temperature goes with the calendar.

So far … so good, no official 100-degree days and we have had a “production” of cooler weather from the weather bureau. It did not happen, but “thinking cooler” did take place.

I watch the amount of “daylight hours” we have each week and that is an indicator of cooler weather being on the way.

After all, the dog days of summer are not over until next Sunday, Aug. 11.

I believe the earlier starting of our fall school year may have caused me to look ahead in 2019.

With many of our schools starting (students attending) next week let us be alert to our driving habits.

The idea that the posted speed limit is a suggestion is not a fact.

Drive slow and careful in the school zones.

In fact, slow down when you see the youngsters around the schools.

It is difficult to recall why we were in a hurry after a wreck or traffic violation.

I was presented a “treat” as kinfolks came back from a trip to the beach —some wonderful taffy.

My great granddaughter knows just what I enjoy. I never miss the carnival at the state fair, just for the taffy.

I prefer the sold white, soft taffy but eat it all. Thanks Darci Jo.

We had the Harrison County 4-H Awards Banquet on Tuesday at Gold Hall in Hallsville.

Due to newspaper deadlines, I will have a report on the 4-H meeting next week.

“If there was ever a time you loved Jesus move than you do at this moment, you’re backslidden.” — Adrian Rogers

“Forgiveness, like dimming headlights, is more effective when we take the initiative.” — William A. Ward

U.S. beef and pork exports for the first half of this year (2019) have been above the same time last year.

The exports to Mexico, South Korea and Taiwan along with China have caused the improvement. Our expectations for huge exports of pork to China (due to African Swine Fever) has our expectations at an all-time high.

The Harvest Festival Livestock Show in Longview, set for Oct. 23-26, is off to an excellent start with the validation of the lamb and goat entries last Monday.

There were 47 lambs and 112 goats validated (entered), which is a few less lambs than 2018 and a few more goats than last year.

The chickens to be exhibited (broilers) will be hatched Sept. 3 and should be in the hands of the new exhibitors Sept. 5.

In the hog show, the ear notch validation forms are due Aug. 10 (Saturday). Take note of the dates and check with your 4-H leader and your VoAg teacher to be sure all the forms are filled out on time and in the correct folks hands.

The earlier start of school should make things easier, but it won’t. Just do your best and ask questions.

We are in a wonderful part of the state to have our fall livestock show (Harvest Festival) and our spring livestock show, Farm City Week in Harrison County next spring. There are no better events to support than our youth with the auction sales at each event.

I know that there are plenty of meetings to attend with school starting and football just around the corner.

There will be two meetings held in our area that cattlemen need to attend and be a part of. They are free and you will only need to attend one of them.

Beef Quality Assurance meetings are held in conjunction with Texas A&M and The Texas Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. The information will be most beneficial. The BQA meeting will be held Aug. 29 in New Boston, and the same information will be available at a meeting Aug. 30 in Mineola.

Your county agriculture agent can provide more details.

Let’s get ready for our high school football season ... all teams are undefeated at this time. Go Wildcats!