Lions Club Meeting

Lion Tim Young introduced guest speaker Rick Nance, port engineer for the Caddo Bossier Port, during the recent Marshall Lions Club meeting.

Special to the News Messenger

The Marshall Lions Club met Tuesday, June 11 at the Panola-Harrison meeting room, 410 E. Houston. A lunch of beef and chicken enchiladas was served by Jose Tequila Catering.

President James Thompson called the meeting to order and welcomed Lions with a reminder to turn off or silence cellphones. Lion James asked Lion Kent Reeves to open the meeting with prayer, followed the Pledges of Allegiance to the US and Texas flags led by Lion Chuck Abma.

“This Land is Your Land” and “America” were sung with gusto, led by song leader Lion Patrick Owens and accompanied by pianist Arnola Zabokrtsky.

Lion Tamer Patrick Owens welcomed Lions to the meeting, along with guests Lori Smith, daughter of Lions Robert and Brenda Wood; Billy Smith; Brad McCann, son-in-law of Lions Robert and Brenda Wood; Nancy Young, wife of Lion Tim Young; and Kathy French, who accompanied the program personality.

Lion Chris Horsley brought DeShona Jernigan, one of the Lions scholarship winners this year. Lion Patrick asked everyone if they were enjoying the lower humidity making it cooler outside. He reported that there were 30 in the den. He also read the Thought for the Day: “There are times when silence has the loudest voice!”

Tail Twister Chris Horsley levied some fines and collected money from almost everyone. He bragged that the Astros were in first place in all divisions, but the Rangers were closing fast (to which someone muttered “wait til the fall — they’ll fold).

Lion Chris announced that Lion James Thompson and his wife, Shay, celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary and Lion Robert Wood’s birthday was Tuesday. Lion Brenda brought decorated cupcakes for everyone. Lion Chris appointed Lion Dare Westmoreland to lead the Club in singing our “Happy Song” to them. He said for Table 1 to sing in the key of X, for Table 2 to sing in the key of Y and Table 3 is to sing in the key of Z. Some were hard-pressed to reach those notes!

President Thompson read the slate of officers for the year 2019-20: President Jimmie Van Norden; 1st VP Robert Wood; 2nd VP Stacy Bowen; Lion Tamer Patrick Owens; Tail Twister Chris Horsley; Secretary Brenda Wood; Treasurer Alan Grantham; 2-year Directors, Lion Bob Swanson and Lion Liz Whipkey; 1 year Directors, Lion Paul Martin, Lion Dare Westmoreland and Lion Lindsey Spiller; and Immediate Past-President James Thompson.

These names were read last week, voting will be June 18 and installation will be June 25.

President Thompson called on Lion Tim Young to introduce the speaker, Rick Nance, port engineer for the Caddo Bossier Port. He lives in Benton, Louisiana, is single and has a daughter who is in vet school.

He had his fellow worker at the port, Kathy French, pass out material on the port as well as the locks and dams. The first two pictures showed the port, one looking north, the other south, back when the port was first started — there wasn’t much to look at. The next two pictures were the same, taken this year. There is quite a difference.

Nance explained that one of the advantages of shipping by barge — one barge hauls the equivalent of 15 jumbo rail cars or 58 large semi-trucks. A six-barge tow equals 90 jumbo rail cars (approximately one train unit) and that equals 348 large semi-trucks. A 15 barge tow equals 225 jumbo rail cars (approximately 2 1/2 trains) or 870 large semi-trucks.

Nance divulged that takes a lot of traffic off our streets and highways, not only lessening the wear on the roads, but preventing traffic flow problems.

The navigation waterway consists of five locks and dams from just below Alexandria, Louisiana, to just below Shreveport. The barge traffic needs at least 200 feet in width and 9 feet in depth in order to navigate the Red River.

The first L&D is 44.4 feet above the Mississippi, rising to 74.4 feet at L&D 2. L&D 3 shows a rise of 116.5 feet. L&D 4 rises to 168.5 feet up to 200 feet at L&D 5, south of Shreveport. Nance also explained that there is a sixth L&D being planned.

Nance said that each lock is 685 feet long and helps with flooding on the Red River, but there is also a silting problem. In flood times, the silt fills up the basin where the port is located, causing them to have to dredge and send it on down the river.

Rick answered many question from Lions and President Thompson thanked him for a very interesting and informative program, presenting him with a Lions writing pen. Lion James closed the meeting with prayer and adjourned the meeting.