Marshall Lions Club

Marshall Lions Club immediate past president James Thompson, left, passes the gavel to president-elect Jimmie Van Norden, center, as past district governor Paul Moore, right, of Jefferson, installed new officers at the recent Marshall Lions Club meeting.

Special to the News Messenger

The Marshall Lions Club met Tuesday, June 25 at the Panola-Harrison meeting room, 410 E. Houston. A lunch of chicken and beef fajitas was served by Jose Tequila Catering.

President James Thompson called the meeting to order and welcomed Lions with a reminder to turn off or silence cellphones. Lion James asked Lion Kent Reeves to open the meeting with prayer, followed the Pledges of Allegiance to the U.S. and Texas flags led by Lion Bob Swanson.

“America, The Beautiful” and “the Battle Hymn of the Republic” were sung with gusto, led by song leader Lion James Thompson, in his last day as president. Our new accompanist on the piano is Lion Stacy Bowen.

Acting Lion Tamer Jimmie Van Norden welcomed Lions to the meeting along with guests. Lion Chris Horsley brought Ethan Davison, one of the Lions’ scholarship winners this year. Lion Chris reported that he has been a basketball manager and wants to teach history at the high school level. Ethan plans to attend Texas A&M University. When asked who his favorite history character is of all time, he replied, “Paul Revere.” Lion Jimmie reported that there were 22 in the Den. She also read the Thought for the Day: “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity!”

Tail Twister Chris Horsley levied some fines and collected money from Lions. He also sported his new Lions vest he ordered a few weeks ago, as did several other Lions. He produced a brown bag and asked if anyone wanted to bid on the contents before seeing it. When he took the object from the sack, one Lion said, “That’s just like one I have” — it was a Trump coffee cup. Lion Dare Westmoreland won his own cup for $5.

Lions John Bradley and Ted Beauchamp had birthdays as well as Kathy Hoffman, spouse of Lion Ed Hoffman. Lion Jim Ammerman and his wife, Tiffany, also celebrated their wedding anniversary. Lion Chris appointed Lion P.A. Almquist to lead the club in singing our “Happy Song” to them.

President Thompson asked Lion Robert Wood to come forward to introduce Past District Governor Paul Moore from the Jefferson Lions Club to install the officers for the year 2019-20.

Moore grew up in Jefferson, graduating from Jefferson High School in 1961. He worked and lived in Shreveport, but has retired to his hometown. He is a longtime Lion and enjoys visiting other clubs. He asked Secretary Brenda Wood if these officers had been duly elected. She replied, “Yes.”

Moore called the Lion Tamer to the front. Lion Tamer Patrick Owens is out of town on vacation, so he asked the incoming president to make sure he knows his duties and swears him in on return. The job is to keep the property of Marshall Lions and to make the meeting room ready for each meeting.

Next to be called is the Tail Twister, Chris Horsley. Tasked with keep morale up during the meetings, Lion Chris said he would do the job to the best of his ability.

Lions Paul Martin, Lindsey Spiller and Dare Westmoreland will serve as one-year directors and Lions Bob Swanson and Liz Whipkey will serve two-year terms. Moore explained that their job is very important to the life of the club.

“With the other officers, you form what is termed the Board of Directors of the Club,” Moore said. “Your position is important because you will assist in formulating and executing the policies of the club.

“All new business is considered and shaped by the Board of Directors of the Club.”

Lions Robert Wood, as 1st VP and Stacy Bowen as 2nd VP, were admonished that they will substitute for the president in his absence from any club or board of directors meeting.

He told them, “Your position is more than an honorary one,” Moore said. “In a Lions Club, the vice presidents shall, under direction of the president, oversee the functioning of such committees as the president may designate.”

Next to be sworn in as treasurer was Alan Grantham. Moore explained that these duties include to be custodian of all club funds. To deposit all monies received, in such bank or banks as are designated by the board of directors.

”You will assist the finance committee in preparing a budget and such financial statements as may be necessary,” Moore said. “You will disburse funds only upon direction of the Board of Directors. Lion Alan replied in the affirmative when asked if he will serve.”

Lions secretary was next, and Moore called Lion Brenda Wood to the front.

“Yours is one of the most important offices in the club,” he said. “The success of your club will be determined largely by the efficiency with which you perform the duties of your office.

“You are the president’s right hand man. Under her direction and that of the board of directors, you are the liaison officer between your club and Lions International and your club and your district governor’s organization. You will receive many communications from both.”

”Through you, in the post of corresponding officer, it will be your duty to see that all communications are properly referred to your board of directors or your club as circumstances require or justify. Among your duties as provided in the Lions International Constitution and by-laws, you shall submit regular monthly membership and activities reports to Lions International, with copies to District Governor and Vice District Governor, on forms provided for this purpose by Lions International.

You shall keep the general club records, including minutes of club and board meetings, committee appointments, officers’ list, attendance records, list of key members and list of members showing classifications, addresses and telephone numbers. Will you, as Secretary, perform such duties to the best of your ability?”

She replied, “I will.”

Lion Jimmie Van Norden, president, was the next to be recognized by Moore.

“You are its chief executive officer and will be expected to preside at all meetings of your club, and regular and special meetings of your board of directors,” Moore said. “It is your duty to appoint the administrative and activities committees, in accordance with the Lions Club International Club Standard Organization Plan, and to act as an ex-officio member of each of these committees.”

”With your vice presidents, you shall see to it that these committees function. You are also, with the club secretary, an active member of the District Governor’s Advisory Committee and as such you will attend the quarterly advisory committee meetings of your zone.

”Will you, as president, perform your duties to the best of your ability?”

Lion Jimmie answered, “I will.”

Next to be called was immediate past president James Thompson.

“Having duly served as president of your club, you will now be its immediate past president,” Moore said. “Your position requires you to be an advisor to the president. Will you, as past president, perform your duties to the best of your ability?”

Lion James replied, “I will.”

The installing officer then turned to the membership.

“I want to call to your attention the fact that these Lions who have been entrusted by you with the club responsibilities for the coming year, have signified their intention to exert their very best personal efforts to make your Lions Club the kind of organization it should be,” Moore stated. “It must be remembered that the only way in which these new officers whom we are installing can successfully carry on is for them to receive the fullest support of every member.”

”As an individual, when requested by your president to serve on a committee, to perform some duty in Lionism, or to support your club in the many ways in which it will need your support, will you bear in mind that you members collectively elected these officers, and as a consequence, will you pledge to support them actively at all times?”

Members answered “We will.”

Moore declared that the 2019-20 officers of the Marshall Lions Club duly sworn in.

President Thompson presented Moore a Marshall Lions writing pen in appreciation of his work. He turned the meeting over to the newly-elected president Lion Jimmie Van Norden. President Jimmie asked Lions P.A. Almquist and Ken Poindexter to the front. They were presented with a plaque in appreciation for serving on the board of directors for the year 2018-19. She also presented outgoing president James Thompson with a plaque in appreciation of his service as president of Marshall Lions for 2018-19.

President Jimmie called Lion Robert Wood to the front. She presented him with a lovely acrylic plaque that named him “Lion of the Year” for 2018-19. She explained that Robert took over the Lions Club Horse Show last year, and this year, sold 90% of the ads as well as coordinating the jobs, putting in countless hours. Lions gave him a standing ovation in appreciation.