Staff Reports

Janice Porter Rosborough, a Marshall native who grew up in the New Town area, has recently published a book that includes stories from her childhood and school days at the old Dogan School.

The book, “Compelled to Write: Thanks to Mean Old Mrs. Tinker,” is a childhood memoir of Rosborough’s education at the M.W. Dogan Elementary School and the recently-demolished Price T. Young Middle School, which was her class’ H.B. Pemberton High School.

Rosborough’s class, along with the class of 1969, were the first students to attend the new Pemberton Junior High in 1964 and her class of 1970 was the last graduating class at Pemberton.

“Have you ever had an unforgettable teacher,” Rosborosh stated in a news release. “The book contains factual accounts starting with inspiration of an incident with my sixth-grade teacher, whom I call ‘Mrs. Tinker.’

“There were so many fond childhood memories and I want the community and especially the students to know what it was like growing up a the old Dogan School.”

Stories of activities at the Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church are also included in the book,” Rosborough said.

Rosborough, a retired educator and current substitute teacher, is the daughter of the late Mattie Ann Porter and John Henry Porter. She is married to Raymond T. Rosborough and has two adult sons.

Rosborough would like to thank God for giving her the inspiration to write the book as well as a few poems through the years.

The book was previewed by professor Barbara Clayton, who knew some of the people mentioned, and said that it carried her back to her own childhood memories.

Rosborough would like to thank professor Hazel L. Phillips for her input and editing; Charles and Teresa Lister for the cover design, input and pictures transmitted to the editor; local artist Percy Hall Jr. for recapturing the “Big Day” church celebration from Rosborough’s grandmother’s church and for creating the picture of Janice writing at the chalkboard; and to readers who have given her positive feedback.

The book, from Build A House Publishing, is available online at A book signing will be held from 1-3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 24 at the Marshall Public Library. For more information, call 903-938-6260.