It is mid-September and fall is right around the corner. We are one day closer to a good soaking rain and cooler temperatures. It is time for fall applications of fertilizer to our lawns if you have a sprinkler system. This is a great time to put out pre-emergent herbicides on our lawns as well. This will help reduce the number of pesky winter weeds that come up in the early spring. This will not eliminate them but will reduce weeds if applied properly. After several years of application, the number of weeds will be reduced considerably.

It is time to start thinking about winter feeding for our wildlife as well. Did you know that only 40% of the fawns born in the spring will survive to one year of age? They do not make it because of malnutrition. These drought conditions are really stressing the forages and browse that are available to our deer herd right now. Long of the short of it you need to be feeding your deer herd now. Corn is not enough as it is only 8% protein. Young deer and lactating doe need more nutrition than this. If you would like to learn more about deer nutrition, please make plans to attend our wildlife information meeting to be held at the Marshall Civic Center at 6 p.m. Sept. 26.

The meal will be sponsored by Harrison County Soil and Water Conservation District so you will need to RSVP to 903-935-8413. Other sponsors are Nutrena Feeds and Dillard’s Feed House.

Back many years ago Harrison County had one of the most successful hay shows that there was in East Texas. I am hoping that we can bring this tradition back. Harrison, Marion and Cass County Extension Offices have teamed up to bring this back. It will be held at the Kelleyville Community Center just west of Jefferson. I know that’s not as convenient as the extension office but we need a big place that can handle exhibits of hay and hold a large crowd as well. Many of you drive further than this every now and then to go out to dinner so it shouldn’t be too far. Consider it date night. Forage/Hay testing is one of the biggest tools that we have and most of us never use it. Winter feeding is one of our largest expenses in a beef cattle enterprise. If we are not testing our hay we are guessing at our feeding program. I don’t know about you but I am not a good guesser. I will present a presentation on how to fit your feeding program to your hay test results. To complement good forage production we need to promote soil health. We will be accepting soil samples at this event that will be delivered to the soil lab at SFA sometime in October. This will keep you from having to box up the sample and paying shipping costs. Marion County Farm Bureau will be hosting the meal of beans and cornbread and the Harrison County Soil and Water Conservation District will be supplying the drinks. Come join us for a great evening.

It’s time to get your young people signed up for 4-H. We have Archery and Shotgun practices and contests already taking place. There are all kinds of programs out there for your kids from pigs to public speaking there is something for everyone.

The Marshall BeeKeepers association will meet this Thursday at Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

The Harrison County Master Gardeners meet this week as well. We will be planning the upcoming Master Gardener training for our intern class. If you have ever thought about becoming a Master Gardener now is the time. The trainings in the past were held during the day so most working folks could not attend. This time a majority of the trainings will be held online with a few select trainings and seminars to be held on a face to face basis. The cost to take the class is approximately $125. Call the office and get your name on the list of those interested in this class.

The Harrison County Master Gardener’s will also be hosting a seminar on the African influence on vegetable gardening in the south. Greg Grant is the speaker and is one of the most sought after speakers out there. The event is free to the public and will be held at First United Methodist Church in Marshall at 1 p.m. Oct. 4.

Look us up on Facebook Harrison County Agrilife Extension Service. Have a great week!

Matt Garrett is the Harrison County Extension agent for agriculture.