Marshall ISD and Mission Marshall’s partnership in the Read to Ride program completed its third year this week while achieving the goal of 88 percent of all MISD third-grade students receiving new bicycles due to meeting their reading level goals for the year.

For the first time since the program was instituted in the 2016-2017 school year, MISD ends the year with every third-grade class at every campus reading at or above grade level.

The data for the Read to Ride program is based on the average of the End of Year Grade Equivalent (GE) Reading Level for all third-grade classes by campus based on STAR Reading assessment using comparative data over the past two years and the current year.

Sam Houston Elementary’s third-grade students finished the year at a 4.6 grade level in reading, with William B. Travis Elementary coming in at 3.9. Price T. Young Elementary finished the year at 3.4 for third-grade reading levels and David Crockett Elementary posted a 3.3.

As a district, MISD third-graders are now reading at a collective grade level of 3.8, compared to a collective 2.3 in 2015-2016, the year before Read to Ride was instituted in the district.

Overall in the district this year, a total of 342 of the 392 third-graders in MISD earned bicycles for meeting their reading goals.

Sam Houston Elementary had 90 of 92 third graders meet their goals (98 percent), followed closely by William B. Travis Elementary’s 103 of 106 (97 percent).

Crockett Elementary saw 95 of its 116 third-graders (82 percent) earn bikes, while Price T. Young Elementary had 56 of 78 third-graders (72 percent) meet their goals.

The greatest jump in growth for the year compared to last year was at William B. Travis, which saw an average growth of over 1.3 from 2017-2018 (2.6 to 3.9). Sam Houston saw a 1.1 growth increase, followed by PTY at 1.0 and Crockett at 0.9.

The Read to Ride program, sponsored by Mission Marshall, was launched in October of 2016 to “promote a love for reading and to improve overall reading skills” for MISD third-grade students.

The program assesses a broad range of reading skills, identifies where each student is on a learning progression, provides a clear picture of each student’s reading abilities and suggested resources to match specific needs, and then empowers students to make decisions about their learning.

Promotion for this year’s Read to Ride began back in the fall, with communication between campus and parents with goals set and progress toward those goals. Each campus held a mid-year celebration to promote the initiative.

The goals were to increase the average reading level by 0.5 to 1.0 over the course of the year by campus and to increase the number of students in third grade earning bicycles from 78 percent in 2017-2018 to 85 percent this year.

For its part in the program, Mission Marshall collects donations throughout the year to go toward the purchase of the bicycles, which are purchased and assembled through Walmart.

Christus Good Shepherd Hospital-Marshall also helped with the donation of all bicycle safety helmets through the “Hard Hats for Little Heads” program sponsored by the Texas Medical Association.