Charles Ettinger

Charles Ettinger

Name: Charles Ettinger

Position, if any:

For right now, I just help out where needed.

How long have you been a Habitat volunteer?

It’s been a while, but I think I’ve been doing it at least 10 years. I started out assisting in the home building and then became the treasurer of the Harrison County organization before we became associated with the larger Northeast Texas Habitat.

What’s your typical job while volunteering at Habitat?

Helping out with the construction of the Franklin Street house, basic carpentry, fence building, etc.

What is it about the Habitat organization that you like?

The thing that I like the most is that this is a charity where the recipient has some “skin in the game.” We don’t just give things to people, we help them by building them an affordable house and they must also help in building.

How has volunteering for Habitat made a difference in your life?

I’ve gotten to know a lot of good people, the volunteers and the home owners.

How has volunteering for Habitat helped make a difference in the community?

Well for one thing, we are turning vacant lots into homes for families that normally wouldn’t own a house, and it also puts these houses on the tax rolls for the city and county.

Is there a story or experience from volunteering with Habitat that you’d like to share?

Not any specific one, but getting to know the homeowners and their personal stories, how they spent time in substandard rental housing and now own a home of their own.

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