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Jim L. and Winnie Davis: A story of faith, love and the fruits of life

By Cindy Anne Duncan
March 10, 2012 at 11 p.m.

<p>Winnie and Jim L. Davis</p>

"Three or four years into our marriage, we developed a close relationship with the Lord and that is why we are still together today." - Winnie Davis

Anyone that knows Winnie and Jim L. Davis know the love and devotion that they have for one another. They also have a strong faith in God and hearts as big as Texas! In fact it was in Houston where Ms. Davis first saw this Texas man, and a love of a lifetime began.

"It was a Friday evening and we were both attending the same event. I left early and I don't even think he saw me, though I saw him; this handsome man complete with cowboy hat, jeans and boots, he caught my eye," said Ms. Davis.

Winnie Davis at the time was living in Houston, Texas, working as Hair Style Director for Foley's. Ms. Davis was born and raised in Woodville, Texas and moved to the city to pursue her career.

The following Monday evening, after much persuasion, Ms. Davis joined some of her friends for dinner.

"Normally I would have said no, though this time I went. In walk these two men, with suits and ties, and I thought to myself, I think I know one of them. Though I couldn't put it together, for before he had on western cloths and a cowboy hat, and now this man is in a business suit. Shortly after his arrival, he sent wine over to our table. When the band started playing, he asked me to dance. We just talked about what we were doing and where we wanted to go and I told him about the event I had attend the Friday evening prior. He said, 'Really, I was there,'" said Ms. Davis.

Jim L. Davis is from Athens, Texas, but moved to the Houston area to work in Oil Field sales.

"We continued to dance and he told me he had been through a little town in Woodville, Texas. I told him that I was from there. He then told me that he had stopped at a little store there and he had the nicest visit with this little lady. I told him that was my Momma, she works there. So, Jim actually met my Momma, before he met me," said Ms. Davis.

I asked them, did they feel this was a God thing, their answer; YES.

"From there forward we began dating and we dated a year in Houston and then Jim moved to this area because the oil field was really booming here. I was still Hair Style Director for Foley's and had a really good job. We drove back and forth for about a year. We decided to get married and had a beautiful garden wedding at my sister home on Houston," said. Ms. Davis.

Jim had a daughter from a previous marriage, Laura, age nine when the two married. The two would settle in Deberry, Texas and Winnie would open Studio Hair Design, shortly after.

"We were married for about 13 years, I was 36 and wanted a child. Jim was still working in the oil field. We found out that I couldn't have children, so we adopted, our precious Whitney," said Ms. Davis.

The Davis's received their bundle of joy in August of 1988, Whitney was a high risk baby and it was confirmed that she was profoundly deaf in both ears. About the same rime Jim had a grand mal seizure and had to have brain surgery.

"So here we are with Whitney, Jim is in the hospital recovering from brain surgery and I am trying to work. We had one income, though that is something very important that Jim and I always made sure of. Many couples live a lifestyle that requires both incomes to make it. Jim and I lived a lifestyle that if one wasn't working for one reason or another, we could survive on one income, and we did," said Ms. Davis.

Was it always easy? No.

"Nothing is easy. I went broke for one reason or another three or four times on different things, but I never gave up and Winnie never gave up. When times get hard you jump in there together," said Davis.

"The only thing that brought us through was our faith in the Lord. Let me tell you about how God gave us the money for Whitney's hearing aid implants," Ms. Davis said.

"Jim had been without work, it was confirmed that Whitney was profoundly deaf in both ears. She was a candidate for these special implants, so we checked to see what it would cost for her to receive them. Just the implants alone would be $25,000, another $20,000 for the hospital and doctor. Jim said we have enough equity in our house we could sell it. I told him lets pray about it. The next day I went to Jim and I told him that I really feel the Lord is telling me that we need to let him do it; if we sell our house, that tells him we are doing it in our own strength and I think that God wants the glory for it," said Ms. Davis.

The next day, Fran Hurley, was having her hair cut by Winnie. Fran suggested setting up an account for Whitney, getting the word out. Fran said to her, there are people out there that want to help you. So Fran took it from that point,;an account was set up and the paper wrote an article about the Davis' situation.

"This was when we had an evening paper. When we opened the paper there we were on the front page! We were in contact with the hospital and doctor as well to see if any help could be given. They told us that it would have to go to the board, if approved the doctor would charge what the hospital charged and this would help with the surgery. The next evening after our story came out in the paper, the bank called me and told me that a lady came in that morning; she did not know out family and has never met us. She told them that she had prayed all night and the Lord wanted her to give us $15,000 and wanted to remain anonymous. To this day we still do not know who she was," said Ms. Davis

"God tells us, 'If you do things in secret and it is not found out, your reward is even greater in Heaven.' So I knew there was no thank you great enough for this precious lady, though I knew, the thank you she would receive in Heaven would be greater than any we could ever possibly begin to give to her," said Ms. Davis.

From there the blessings from God kept overflowing for the Davis family. The hospital board met and there was going to be no charge for the hospital or doctor they told them.

This was the first time they had ever heard of this happening.

"We firmly believe that the fact that we allowed God to control and us not try to was what he wanted. It had to be God; the person who gave the $15,000, gave out of her obedience to the Lord. There was no tax write off, simply a love offering, in obedience to the Lord," said Ms. Davis.

This total miracle happened with 24 hours.

"I was raised in a family that didn't have very much, though what we had, we shared. Daddy would feed and let hobos stay overnight in our barn. My giving was developed by my raising. Jim, I believe, was born a giver, a gift from God. Jim has always been a giver," said Ms. Davis.

"You can't out give God. You know a lot of people want to do things and will start trying to beat that door down. You may not want what is on the other side of that door. You have to be patient and wait upon the Lord. It is in his time. When you get ahead of God, run ahead of Him, it makes the road hard. You are doing things because you want to do them, not because He wants you to do them. But when you slow down and let Him catch up with you it will all get better," said Davis.

This couple provide much for our community, unknown and wanting it that way. I for one know they bring wonderful music downtown, concerts many would not hear.

They do this, not for them, but to help the local establishments. I also know that they live their faith… and that I know for sure.

"It's like leaning against the trunk of a tree. You can survive on the trunk, but the fruit, is on the limb. So you have to have faith to get up and out on the limb to get the fruit and then to share it with everyone else," said Davis.



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