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Blatant failures and fanciful betrayals coming from government

Oct. 3, 2012 at 10 p.m.

The solution to economic problems is not government taxing or spending. Now there are those who think that government money can reverse the economic decline and put people back to work. Actually, we have over eighty years to show that this Keynesian approach to depression does not work. In fact, in the 1930s this approach, along with an increase in tax rate upwards to 75% of all incomes over $50,000 radically aggravated the economic decline prolonging and deepening the depression. It appears that we are headed back in that direction if the present administration's reelection occurs.

There are many historians and economists who support the idea that FDR's attempts to "jump start" the economy actually complicated and impeded recovery. Significant studies have revealed that war actually reversed employment and depression, not the New Deal. This economic "recovery" was not a long term solution, or an acceptable alternative in the long term. F. A. Hayek revealed the actual need for a reduction in government regulations, bureaucracy and excessive taxation as the continuing problem with most national economies. His famous book The Road to Serfdom is one of the most convincing works on this terrible situation. You should read it and see where we are headed if we continue down the socialist road.

The failure of the Soviet Union and the collapse of that and other planned economies should be a warning to all socialist managers in the nation. Indeed, the struggles and strains in Britain and all of Europe at the present time should teach our leadership of the poverty and plight that accompanies such rigidly controlled economies. They do not work. They are failures. Look at the billions of dollars we have spent and what have we in return? Our tax dollars have been wasted by the billions and we haven't even blinked an eye and our leader is planning, if elected, to spend even more and tax us even more.

Our present leadership at all levels - executive, legislative and judicial - has not given us relief in this situation. The growing debt at all levels, particularly the national, has pushed us close to the precipice of economic catastrophe. Bush has not brought us to this disastrous point. President Barack Obama has been at the helm of the executive office and it is his decisions and determination that has brought us this far.

Much of our debt is held by China who is not our friend in politics or economics. We are at the mercy of the Chinese and will be for a long time economically. Such debt is a betrayal of all Americans, particularly our children and grandchildren. The borrower is slave to the lender!

Who is to blame? Well, who holds the reins of power? Who spends our tax money? Until the interim elections in 2010, Democrats controlled and contributed to spending and taxation. Democrats have put us on the road to socialized medicine and even more debt to fund all promised services. We are doomed to pay more in taxes than any of us can even imagine. This fact alone is all the more reason we need more tea party rallies and the firing of more long-time politicians who have spent, and will now tax us even more to pay for what they have unwisely and wickedly spent.

Raising the problem of taxation brings up the betrayal that no one has announced. As the end of this year approaches there will occur one of the most destructive and devastating decisions - the change in the "death tax" that will confiscate most inheritances in the future. It is a robbery of the hard-earned and diligently-saved income of many families. Many people will not care because they are on the government "dole" and will benefit from this confiscation of other people's wealth, some from modest working families and middle class, working class people. Those who have brought this "death tax" back upon us have prepared their wealth and fortunes in such a fashion that they will not have to suffer.

Your children and families in the future will have to surrender 60% of everything inherited over $1 million dollars in value. That means everything! Nothing is exempted. Even very modest families will have to sell properties, surrender stocks and bonds, yield houses, sacrifice other properties, businesses, and money to a wasteful, bloated and all-powerful government taxman in order to pay the 60% over the $1 million owned and inherited. I believe this is an unforgivable, unforgettable wickedness that must not be accepted. It is "taxation without representation."

Does this not trouble you? It troubles me very much. It marks the growing domination and devastating controls that government has in our personal, private and entrepreneurial lives. This should cause all of us as Americans to conclude - "enough is enough" and then begin the process of establishing leadership that will reverse these damning economic and investment rules.

Those who should represent our interests and benefits have betrayed us. To permit the "death tax" to return is a betrayal. The tea party movement is correct and I believe necessary to change the direction of things for individuals, families and businesses. When we have to pay more than fifty percent of our income on taxes and fees something is wrong. When the dead have to pay a tax, even more is wrong. May this election cycle mark the reversal of these wrongs and evils.

It is not a question of fairness or reasonableness. It is a question of "official," "state approved and abetted" robbery. Did you agree to this? I did not agree to such taxation. None of my family agreed. I don't think anyone I know agreed and will find pleasing what the government has decided to do. I think we need to notify our representatives and senators that we expect them to act and reverse this wrong immediately. What do you think? I would like to hear from you on what you think? Is this unreasonable? Do you not care about the amount of taxes, government confiscations and bureaucratic controls? I would like to hear from you as part of a civil conversation on the role of representative, republican/democratic government. You can reach me at, by calling 903-923-2087 or by snail mail at One Tiger Drive, Marshall, Texas 75670. I look forward to hearing from you and will, if possible, reply civilly and politely. Have a good "rest of the week" and listen to the Good Lord on His Day.



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