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Q&A on Hallsville Western Days

Oct. 4, 2012 at 10 p.m.

<p>2. Hallsville Riding Club join in the Western Days parade in 1976.</p>

Question: When was the

first Western Days?

Answer: 1973

Q: Who was the founder?

A: Eulyne and Lawrence LaFoy and some other citizens at the Bussey Ranch.

Mrs. LaFoy was the driving force behind Western Days. Sue Lemmons helped her in the beginning, Mayor Tex Hatley worked in every way he could for as long as he could, and Faron Cain is the treasurer. She invited six other ladies to be on the committee to help her with the activities. Those members were Linea Ray, Shirley Copeland, Cathy Pierce, Ann Newell, Lana Stickle and Carol Greer.

Q: What was the original purpose of Western Days?

A: They wanted to raise money to build a new City Park, bring people together to work for the good of the community, unite the community, provide small town fun in a special celebration of our western heritage. The activities on the Elementary campuses also teach the children about this heritage on each Friday of Western Days.

Q: How has Western Days changed over the years?

A: It's become bigger and better; and, we have set the date as the first Saturday in October, so everyone will know when it is. The Chili Cook-off was added a few years ago and then the Reenactment of the Battle of Ft. Crawford. The parade begins at North Elementary and travels east on hwy 80. It ends at the City Park. It did start at Bobcat Stadium.

Q: Where is the event?

A: It is in the Hallsville City Park. One Block north of hwy 80 on hwy 450.

The Miss Hallsville Western Days Program is at the Junior High School, south of Bobcat Stadium. Tickets may be purchased at the door. The Friday night street dance with Brad Smallwood Band playing in the City Park. Booths will be open Friday night and on Saturday.

Q: What events are involved in Western Days?

A: Fun run, parade, street dance, girls at the football game, Miss Hallsville program, booths, treasure hunt, art decorating contest. There will be several performances, including the Bobcat Belles and much more. We will recognize oldest person present and the person who traveled the futherest.

Q: How many people does it take to put on Western Days?

A: More than 100.

Q: What has been done that surprises everyone?

A: Stop the trains coming through town for the parade for many years. Now we just stop the traffic on Hwy 80. But it is detoured on the south side of town.

Q: Does Western Days raise money for anything?

A: To pay for the band and the scholarship for the winner of Miss Hallsville. Also, some facilities, electricity, and other expenses.

Q: Where does the money come from to make Western Days happen?

A: The program and fees for booths.

Q: About how many people get involved in the Western Days activities?

A: More than 1,000. 5,000 have attended at any given year.

The Western Days Committee appreciates the support of community members, City Hall, staff at Hallsville High School, HISD, the Police Department, First Baptist Church, and all the organizations who contribute to the success of Western Days.

Q: Overall, what is the purpose of Western Days?

A: The intent when it started and now is to show others that a community working together and supporting wholesome activities for our youth and adults is a great place to live.

Q: How does Western Days help our community?

A: Brings people together to work for the good of the community and unites the community. It's a fun activity for the entire family.

Q: Have you seen any specific benefits in the community from Western Days?

A: Fun for kids, honor for senior girls, even if they do not win, it gives them poise, confidence and a good time with other senior girls and their moms at the Miss Hallsville Mother/Daughter Tea.

Q: How does the Miss Hallsville pageant benefit the community?

<em style="bold">A:</em> Brings in guests from out of town, shows the community what beautiful young ladies we have; the out of state and/or town judges always say that and it is very hard for them to pick a winner.

Q: Is Miss Hallsville that main event of Western Days?

A: It is the culmination, but everyone likes different things; the fun run, the parade; shopping at booths, dancing at the Street Dance; we aim to please.

Q: About how many people attend the Miss Hallsville pageant?

<em style="bold">A</em>: Around 1,200.

Q: What is your favorite part of Western Days?

A: Probably seeing girls in the Miss Hallsville Western Days Pageant. This year we have 47 senior girls. They may be in sports, band, belles, or other activities at Hallsville High School. We believe a pageant is a great time for seniors to make a memory and learn stage presentation and ways to project themselves to the public as they go out in the world to work or extend their education. Either way, they need to have self-confidence. Just to see them enjoy being a part of a group, like the dance at the beginning of the program, a line dance; they say they cannot dance, then they learn. All of that puts a smile on their face and hopefully confidence to last a lifetime and a great memory. As we say, its not about winning, but, about the memory and taking a leap of faith that "I CAN DO THIS."



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