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Marshall Lions host ETBU cheerleaders, sponsor at recent meeting

Oct. 6, 2012 at 10 p.m.

The Marshall Lions Club met at noon, Tuesday, Oct. 2, at Panola-Harrison Community Room, 410 E. Houston.

After a delicious fried catfish luncheon, catered by Catfish Express, the meeting was called to order by President Jim Quinn. The opening prayer was offered by Frank Lower, followed by the pledges to the US and Texas flags led by Ted Beauchamp. Alan Grantham led the Club in a singing "Home on the Range" and "America," accompanied by pianist Arnola Zabokrtsky.

Lion Tamer Jan Williams reported on attendance, with 32 present. She extended a warm welcome to the meeting and to guests Donna Lane, wife of Lion Stephen Lane and Betty Raines, wife of Lion Harold Raines. Jan also asked Lions to please bring an item next week for the Silent Auction to be held at the Lions Barbecue.

Acting Tail Twister Robert Wood began by fining Lions for various infractions and for being late to the meeting. He fined Susie Oliver for having her picture in the newspaper.

President Quinn called on Harold Raines, Chairman of the Barbeque Committee, who exhorted Lions to sell all their tickets and get more from Ben Bane.

The Lions Barbecue will be Oct. 16, at the Marshall Convention Center, serving from 5 to 7:30 p.m. There will also be a Silent Auction, and Lion Jan Williams said we can bring items to the meeting next week or call Lion Susie Oliver or Lion Kelli Clayton, Co-Chairs. President Quinn also reminded Lions of the District 2x2 Cabinet Meeting to be held in Waskom on Oct. 6, at First Baptist Church.

The President then turned the meeting over to Kent Reeves, Program Chair for October. He introduced Susie Oliver, ETBU Director of Spirit Program.

She brings more than 30 years of coaching experience on the collegiate, high school, middle school and all-star levels. In only her second year of coaching at ETBU, Susie has increased the number of cheerleaders and mascots as well as redefined the dance program, moving from a traditional drill team to a pom squad.

In her role as director and coach, she oversees the cheerleaders, dancers and mascots while working with other organizations to create and implement Spirit traditions. She is also responsible for creating community opportunities for the Spirit Program to serve as Ambassadors.

Susie received her BS from Eastern Kentucky University and currently teaches classes in the Kinesiology Department as well as manages the Ornelas Student Center. Susie is also the First Lady of East Texas Baptist University, married to Dr. Dub Oliver. Dub and Susie have one daughter, Callie. Callie has followed her mother's footsteps and cheered from elementary until her freshman year at Baylor.

Oliver handed out a quiz titled "how well do you know cheerleading" to Lions and asked them to be honest about their answers. She said 'yell leading' started at the University of Minnesota, and were all male. Fifteen percent of cheerleaders are male today, with more than one and one half million cheerleaders in the US.

In 1997, ESPN started showing Cheer Competitions to a global audience. Cheerleading has spread to many other countries, including China. The governing board for Cheerleading is the American Association of College Coaches and Administrators.

Susie introduced ETBU Cheerleaders Hannah Jacobs, a senior education major from Kilgore, Texas. She has been cheering since a freshman. Hannah described how much work the cheerleaders at ETBU have put in to do a good job. They must learn the skills and stay flexible and strong. She said she thought this all gives them self-confidence. She said they cheer at baseball and basketball games as well as the Tiger football games.

Susie then introduced Zack Mullins is a 21-year-old biology/pre-med student from Plano, Texas. Zack said he started out playing football, but quit to be able to spend more time on studies. He said Susie talked him into trying out for Cheerleader (Susie says because he is built like a refrigerator) and he has been on the squad for the past two years. He related that he wants to serve the Lord and the school. Zack stated that the squad meets on Monday and Thursday at 6:45 a.m. for workouts, and a requirement is a 5K run in 30 minutes or less.

Susie related that the two squads of 20 female and 5 male cheerleaders must maintain a 3.0 GPA and are good stewards at ETBU, volunteering for a total of 150 hours in and around the University. She also said she was proud of them for raising money for a trip to Oregon. She asked Hannah and Zack to do a 'chair lift' stunt to the delight of the Lions.

Oliver answered a lot of questions from Lions and asked how many had been cheerleaders. Gid Terry was cheerleader in high school and at Mississippi State. His wife, Ann, was cheerleader in high school in Mississippi. Jan Williams was a cheerleader in high school as was Brenda Wood who cheered at Tatum High School.

Kent Reeves presented them with a Lions writing pen in appreciation for their most entertaining program.

Mutt Sanders offered the closing prayer and President Quinn adjourned the meeting.



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