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ETBU was the dream come true for Marshall

Oct. 13, 2012 at 10 p.m.

Had we a bit more talent, perhaps we could adequately express in words the meaning of East Texas Baptist University to Harrison County and the city of Marshall.

As it is, we confess not knowing where to begin.

Should it be with the influence for good that shines from "The Hill"? Should it be an explanation of the good works that are done by students and staff? Should it be the expression of the arts that has done so much for Marshall? Should it be the quality learning passed on from learned educator to student? Should it be a bit more material and look at the economic good that having the university here does?

Any of those attributes and many more besides could be picked and it would be a worthy choice. For that matter each one, and those unnamed, could be used to build an entire editorial on its own.

One does not have to have the least smattering of religious belief to see the worth of ETBU, but for those who do, the value of this university is, as the name implies, is as vast as the universe itself. It has no end and it propagates upon itself.

If all this sounds a bit awestruck at what goes on at ETBU then we plead guilty. Furthermore, it is just as amazing that the good that goes on there simply grows year after year. You cannot look at ETBU and see the least bit of stagnation. "Standing still" is not a characteristic that could ever be applied to the university.

Looking at the history of the institution, this does not appear to be a recent development. True, some years have been more outstanding than others, some decades where more visible work was done, but always ETBU has been a vital, growing place.

We do not expect that to change. Ever.

All this year ETBU has been commemorating its 100th anniversary in a variety of ways and the celebration will culminate over the next week or so. A anniversary gala is planned Saturday night and on the official Founder's Day on Oct. 22, a grand party is planned on campus, with one lucky student driving off in a special ETBU car.

Eventually, that car, special as it is, will deteriorate. Even if great car is taken it will some day stop running. We can't see that ever happening for ETBU. This is a place that renews itself with great regularity.

W.T. Tardy, who first had the vision for a Baptist college in Marshall, could never have dreamed what his work would bring about. Or, perhaps, we are wrong. Maybe the ETBU campus of today is just what he would have dreamed of in his wildest dreams.

If so, we are happy to say that his dream has come true, for both ETBU and for Marshall.

Happy birthday, ETBU, may your light always shine on Marshall.



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