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Charges dropped in Dillard murder

Aug. 12, 2013 at 9:06 a.m.

Robin Y. Richardson

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Charges have been dropped against William Penn Jones Jr. for the murder of 22-year-old Kenneth "K.D." Dillard Jr.

The district's attorney's office filed a motion recently in the 71<sup>st</sup> District Judicial Court to drop the charges, citing insufficient evidence. The motion was approved by 71<sup>st</sup> District Judge Brad Morin.

"At this time, there was insufficient evidence to proceed forward with a trial," District Attorney Coke Solomon said Monday. "This is an ongoing investigation. It has been this entire time. We're going to continue to work with the sheriff's office and continue to investigate this and in the future hopefully be able to proceed to trial and getting justice for the victim."

Dillard's eldest sister, Keisha Williams, is optimistic that justice will be served.

"We understand that the authorities have to have a solid case and as I have always said, 'You can run but not hide,' and I still feel very strongly that me and my family will get the justice we deserve for my brother because our faith is in God – not the system.

She said she wants the right person doing the time for the crime.

"I do feel strongly that whatever happens it needs to be enough evidence," she said. "If the evidence is not there, it's just not there. We want the rightful person to do the time."

Dillard was found slain Dec. 16 at St. James Cemetery near the Harleton area. Jones was arrested last May for the murder of Dillard and indicted last August.

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