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Meth, drug problem stretches across East Texas

By Staff reports
Aug. 30, 2013 at 5:21 a.m.

In just the last month, Harrison County law officers have made two sizeable drug interdictions.

The first, in early August was a <a href="">major bust</a> of suspected methamphetamine dealers in Waskom. Then, just Thursday, came a second haul, this time of <a href="">marijuana, guns and meth</a>.

It could be worse. One city has had it's <a href="">police chief arrested</a> for being implicated in helping a meth dealer. Harrison County isn't even the only place where a <a href="">father and son</a> have both been arrested on meth charges.

Also at the beginning of August, just before the Waskom bust, <a href="">28 people</a> from the Houston area were indicted for allegedly running a meth ring that operated throughout the South all the way to Alabama.

Of course, most drug interdiction is done near the Texas-Mexico border, but there is still a great deal of activity in Northeast Texas and nearby where there has been some evidence that <a href="">Mexican organizations</a> are trying to take hold, especially in the Dallas area.

Earlier this year, officers in Central Texas made two drug busts that they said had <a href="">ties to</a> the infamous Zetas cartel in Northern Mexico.

The 3,000 grams of meth found in just one raid in Dallas may never have been meant to leave that city and the supply of meth here could be produced right here, unlike cocaine and marijuana.

The rural areas of East Texas are prime places to cook meth which is both <a href="">hazardous</a> to make and easily detectable by its smell during the process to others who might be close by. Those who have experienced it say the odor is that of strong urine.

If you suspect that methamphetamine is being produced near you do not approach because the fumes are dangerous, not to mention the people who are cooking the drugs. Call the Harrison County Sheriff's Office and they can take it from there.



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