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Reduced prices for neutering male cats

Feb. 2, 2013 at 10 p.m.

As luck would have it, last Monday I went to tractor Supply to buy birdseed for my backyard. When I saw the Animal Protection League (APL) mobile surgical unit on the parking lot, I stopped to investigate.

One of the ladies there was one of the original three who started the APL project a while back. She revealed that they started the APL to rescue animals needing help. Then, she said they realized they were literally "just chasing their tails" and getting nowhere. They realized they would help more animals, both dog and cats, if they were spaying or neutering rather than rescuing.

They have a special project starting to benefit male cats. The prices they usually charge are very reasonable, but the prices for this project are incredibly low and affordable for most people. They are neutering male cats for only $5! At the time the cats are neutered, you must also purchase a full set of vaccines (rabies, RCPC and leukemia) for $25. That is only $30 for the surgery and vaccines. What a deal.

While we realize the local veterinarians probably will not be too happy about this project, the APL received most of the income from donations and the price they receive for services. That is quite a difference, as the vets have much higher overhead to cover.

The $5 male cat neuters sponsored by the APL will require a definite appointment time. Call the main office at (903) 753-7387 for more information on location, times and to set up your appointment. Additional charge will apply if both testicles are not descended. Space is limited.

The APL accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. No check, please.

The APL unit will be in Longview, Sulpher Springs, Texarkana, Mineola, Palestine, Marshall, Henderson and Nacogdoches. Perhaps you have friends or relatives in the towns other than Marshall that you would like to notify about this project.

Requirements for male cats for the Neuter Scooter project are as follows:

Must have an appointment

Cat must be under 5 years old

Must purchase a full set of vaccines (rabies, RCPC and leukemia)

Cat must be brought in a small, hard sided, plastic pet taxi lines with newspaper (no towels), soft-sided carriers will be declines

Limit three cats per household, except Longview location

Cat must not exhibit signs of illness (eye/nose discharge and/or sneezing, diarrhea, etc.

The one exception to the above requirements is that the APL will do the surgery on feral cats which may be brought to the site for surgery and vaccines in a trap. It is not possible to get a feral cat into a per taxi. Place newspaper in the bottom of the trap, not a towel.

For the low price of $30, getting a male neutered and his vaccines is the deal of a lifetime. Do not miss this opportunity to help the male cats of Harrison County. It is a truly good thing and you will be glad you did.



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