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Get Healthy Marshall makes plans for Fest

By Naomi Prioleau
Jan. 2, 2013 at 10 p.m.

Members of the nonprofit organization Get Healthy Marshall met Wednesday to discuss plans for the New Year New You Health Fest and share their health testimonies since adopting the plant-based diet, known as veganism.

With a combined weight loss of 447 pounds, members such as co-director of the Boogie Woogie program Jack Canson, assistant fire chief Reggie Cooper and main street manager Bo Ellis praised co-founders Ed and Amanda Smith.

"I never gave thought to diets," Canson said. "With the first emergence of this, I wasn't involved, but then some of it rubbed off on me. What stuck with me was how ludicrous the milk industry is."

Canson went on to explain how his health issues subsided after changing his eating habits and quitting smoking. He also expressed his gratitude to the Smiths.

"It's amazing what Ed and Amanda have done and it's a wonderful message that (veganism) is not a cult," he said. "It's worth the effort to change the way you eat."

The message that was reiterated throughout the meetingwas that no one can out-exercise a bad diet.

Smith noted that the city is not financially involved with next week's festival. He and Smith said the event is privately funded.

Nancy Canson said the upcoming health fest and veganism shows that the city is evolving.

"I'm really impressed with Get Healthy Marshall and their support (to the vegan community)," Ms. Canson said. "The whole idea is that Marshall is evolving in all these different ways and it's exciting to be a part of Marshall right now."

For more information about the New Year New You Health Fest and to register go to . The festival is Friday, Jan. 11 to Sunday, Jan. 13.



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