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Hallsville Happenings

By Thomas Richardson
May 30, 2013 at 10 p.m.

At the end of each school year a number of employees retired from the district. This year Sherry Britt, Sandy Brumett, Esther Cook, Cecelia Hairston, Leona Halbert, Kathy Newsom, Margaret Sanford, Susan White and Helen Masey retired.

The employee I worked with the most is Helen Masey. She has 25 years of service to HISD. Sixteen have been as secretary to the Athletic Director. She could be called a sports department secretary. I'm interested in Hallsville sports and write about them a lot.

Helen has helped by providing rosters, notification if a game is postponed, playoff sites, and how to get there. Also in the fall she sells the season tickets as well as game day tickets. The last several years, I've asked her to help the Lions Club by lining up coaches to speak. She usually sees most of them during the day. She can find out when is the best time for them to speak.

Mrs. Masey is the first and only person to hold this job. DeWayne McMeans wanted to hire her but couldn't. She went to work in 1988 in the high school principal's office. She went to work part-time for the Athletic Director for Steve Gaddis. Walt Gideon was in charge of ticket sales.

Helen then worked full-time for Roger Adams and David Plunk as the first secretary to the Athletic Director. Softball had just started; soccer power lifting and other sports were starting up. Gaddis needed help; Mr. Dunlap and the school board said ok.

She worked for Roger Adams 1998-2004 and David Plunk since 2005. Helen was a star basketball player and captain of the team from Gurdon, AR, 16 miles SW of Arkadelphia. She played guard. She is married to Johnny Masey, of Brown and Root, Inc. and they live on Laurel Lane in South Hallsville. They have three grown children and three grandchildren. I know Adam McKee. I have sat by Johnny at many Hallsville games through the years. I asked Ray Benson what Mr. Masey did at B&R, his answer was so high above me I can't explain it.

Debbie Miller is the widow of the late Coach Tommy Miller, former HHS Track Coach. Debbie is from Marshall and came to Hallsville in 1995, when Steve Gaddis hired Miller as the track coach. She has worked at Macedonia Baptist Church and recently, secretary to the HHS Counselors. I worked with her on scholarship applicants last month.

I finally got my meadows fertilized on Saturday and got .14 inches of rain. Hope to get more soon.

We took a little trip to San Antonio, got out before the rain and went back up to Austin, Round Rock and Waco. We visited grandson Mathew Walters who is completing his sophomore year at UT San Antonio. The campus is on the Northwest side of SA inside loop 1604. We carried him to eat at 210's, an Italian place. Earlier we visited niece Jessica Dean, 30 in Converse, east of S.A. She still works in Wounded Warrior Program out of Ft. Sam Houston. We carried them to eat at Cracker Barrel. We returned to Austin and visited Camp Mabey, The National Guard Base. We took in an interesting museum on Guard in Wars.

The part on 360 degrees north in WWII was interesting. The 490 is mentioned. The next day we visited the Lyndon B. Johnson Library and Museum. I've been through this place several times before but it's been upgraded.

Millions of dollars have been spend on the LBJ library and Museum relating to Johnson's office of president. It has phone calls you can listen to from different high up folks. I had visited the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin with Dan Bunt when the Ladycats played in the state softball tournament in May 2001. It traces Texas History form before the European exploration to the early 1970s. Park under it.

Going down on US 79, I drove to Dell Diamond Ball Park at Round Rock to pick up tickets to a good game. I missed the ticket office and ended up at the part of the office where Reid Ryan took over as president of the Astros. The lady working there gave me a card to get free reserve tickets.

It was an interesting game between Round Rock, the Rangers Farm Club and Reno Arizona's top farm club. Reno had Taylor Skaggs pitch; he is the pitcher that shut done the Rangers Monday. RR hit him better than the Rangers. Robinson Chirenos who caught for the Rangers two weeks ago caught for RR pitcher M. Perez had pitched for RR the day before. Neal Cotts and Randy Wills had just left RR for Texas. Also saw Mike Alts and several more. It's a beautiful park and easy to get to.

Yes, we missed the spring training scrimmage. I heard Wilder came from baseball and led the offense without missing a beat.

Mike Midkoff of ETBU will speak at Lions Club Monday night. Sherry Britt is the sister of Mike Summers who retired from Texas Forest Service earlier this year.



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