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Bigfoot movie premiers to applause, positive reviews in Jefferson

By Bridget Ortigo
Aug. 7, 2015 at 4 a.m.

The cast and crew of "Something in the Woods" is seen at the movie's Jefferson premiere  on Tuesday.

Yeti, Sasquatch, Ape-Man, Windego, Bigfoot; these are just some of the names for a creature talked about around campfires the world over.

While scientific researchers claim the creature doesn't exist, those who believe will not be swayed, especially those living in the Pine Curtain.

The fabled Bigfoot barreled and growled his way onto the big screen Tuesday night in Jefferson for the premier of "Something in the Woods" by Saving Oscar Productions and GodZone Ministry.

The full length suspense/thriller movie was filmed in Jefferson and surrounding East Texas cities last summer and is now in the post production phase.

The film, which is inspired by true events, follows a family living in the outskirts of town who encounter a strange creature living in the nearby woods. Not wanting to leave their home, despite escalating run-ins with the creature, the family attempts to kill the creature.

Writer, director and actor David Ford based the script off of the true account of a Washington state family in 1967 called "The Cowman of Copalis Beach."

"Whether you believe it or not, this is based on the account of that report," Ford said.

About 200 turned up Tuesday night to watch the official premier that was shown by invitation for the cast and crew and their friends and family.

"We wanted to make a Bigfoot movie that was realistic but that the whole family could watch," Ford said Tuesday. "This is a family oriented movie and we show family morals throughout it so viewers see the Gospel through the film. All other Bigfoot films have been horror movies. This movie is rated PG and it's the first of its kind."

The movie's Bigfoot creator, Travis Driver, was praised following the film's viewing for his realistic Bigfoot that the audience said matched multiple eyewitness descriptions.

"I have seen all the ones you've seen on movies and TV shows and just went out on my own to make one," Driver told the audience. "I used human and ape anatomy and special effects."

The film was shot on a shoe string budget with about 40 cast and crew from the East Texas, Louisiana and Dallas areas. Tony Gibson co-directed the film along with Ford. The filming lasted for about two weeks during June of 2014.

"We're submitting the film at independent film festivals and we still need donations to do that and finish up the post production phase," Ford said. "We have submitted it to the AFI Film Festival in Hollywood and will know in October if we made it in."

Ford said they are also shooting for a global DVD release soon.



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