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Columnist: What a good logo can do for your business

Aug. 4, 2016 at midnight

What visuals come to mind when you think of a particular car dealership, hospital, or even your favorite clothing store? Most likely you know what their logo looks like or maybe the specific color that their advertising consistently showcases. These different aspects of branding are important to create consistent messaging and begin the overall customer experience.

As we analyze branding, the first thing we want to look at is your logo. Your logo is present on all advertising, marketing materials and business related information. It is important that your logo is simple and easy to read. In a recent discussion I had with ADM’s lead designer, Vicki Holmes, she mentioned that there are three main things to consider when creating your logo:

  1. Style – The style of your logo should take into consideration what industry your business is in and who is the intended audience. For example, a hospital would have a much more sophisticated logo with a clean look, compared to a children’s daycare, which would be more colorful and fun.

  2. Color Scheme –What color or colors do you want associated with your business? The colors should not be too light or too close to the colors your competitors use. It should also be taken into consideration how the logo will be used – outdoor signage, embroidery, business cards, etc.

  3. Tagline – Often we will find that a logo itself does not explain what a business actually does. A tagline can be important to explain to the consumer what your business has to offer them.

Once your logo has been created, you are ready to look at the overall branding of your business. Branding should always be cohesive regardless of the type of media you are advertising in. This ensures that the consumer will recognize your business wherever they see it.

ADM will often work with businesses on rebranding. Sometimes the business has changed owners or it just needs a new, refreshed look. ADM is here to help in that process. We can assist the business owner by collecting all different types of logos or non-cohesive ads that have been running and discuss which features are the strongest. Working with our team of designers, we create a variety of logos and once one is decided on, we will provide a style guide that can be used and sent out to anyone creating something for the company. A style guide provides the fonts, colors and any specific instructions regarding the logo and branding of the business.



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