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Letter to the editor

April 21, 2017 at 4 a.m.

Chief Campa is a great leader

Recently, there has been much criticism concerning the leadership of Marshall Police Chief Jesus "Eddie" Campa. I want to go on record as saying he is the best that Marshall, Texas, has ever had.

I have been in Marshall for 84 years and have never witnessed the kind of visionary leader as our present chief. We have found our chief to be caring, respectful, intelligent and transparent, consistently striking a perfect balance between respecting our civil liberties and keeping us safe. He has earned our trust and the community is better served because of him.

To discuss a few:

  • Ice Cream Truck In The Park with children

  • Coffee with the Chief

  • Made our police cars look professional

Highway 80/West Grand and Highway 59/West End are no longer speedways. But for the most part, they are now flowing according to the speed limit.

He has visited with minister groups, church groups, apartment complexes and other entities for the betterment of this community.

He has explained what numbers to call at his office for different needs and passed out cards to make it easy for residents to contact the police department. We live during a time of growing hatred for law enforcement officers, perpetuated by the media, and accepted by those unwilling to think critically.

Our police department under the leadership of Chief Campa works tirelessly to protect us from the worst that society has to offer. We need Chief Campa to continue to lead that charge.

For three years, he has faithfully served our community. We must not turn our backs on him.

Speaking to the entire police department the facts are he has done nothing illegal, and I would say each day all of us and to each police officer, let's look in the mirror.

"Let him without a fault, be the first to cast a stone." Let us as individuals not be about tearing each other down and looking for reasons to not build one up. We have all sinned and come short of the glory of God.

Let's think about it, mayor, city commissioners and other people concerned about Marshall moving forward. History shows us that one voice was enough to eliminate prayer from schools, because good people remained silent.

If you are in agreement with me or have comments, please contact me at (903) 935-2255 (office), (903) 938-9803 (home) or (903) 263-1794 (cell).

By: Mrs. Charles Wilson, president of NAACP



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