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Ginocchio in Marshall expected set to reopen in November

By Caleb Brabham
Oct. 12, 2017 at 4 a.m.

The Ginocchio,  pictured on Tuesday, is set to reopen in November after more than two years of renovation.

After more than two years of renovation, Marshall's historic landmark, the Ginocchio, expects to be open again for the public by November.

Alan Loudermilk, patent attorney and owner of the property, said the former hotel will be given new life as a restaurant and bar.

Loudermilk said the Ginocchio's executive chef, Reynaldo Jandres will be integral to the venue's identity as a restaurant.

"Reynaldo had been at the Village Grill (in Shreveport) for 28 years. He's a (great) chef; even people in Marshall talk about his oysters and pasta," Loudermilk said, adding he workshopped several ideas for the Ginocchio's restaurant, but said he had been missing a key ingredient until Jandres appeared.

"What was missing was the magical idea for the right chef ," Loudermilk said. "We completely changed our plan when Reynaldo came back into the picture."

Jandres said he plans on bringing his vision of "fresh American" cuisine to the Ginocchio, which he identifies as an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients. Jandres said he will provide a variety of unique dishes including steaks, seafood, pastas and salads, as well as light, healthy and vegan dishes.

"I'm hoping we can do something fresh for the city of Marshall," Jandres said. "(Our food) will have influences from different (cuisines) like a little southwest or Italian," Jandres said. "We don't want to be stuck to something; we want to do a little of everything."

Loudermilk agreed saying the menu would be many things, but stale would never be one of them.

"It's going to change; it's going to evolve. Nothing's going to be stale," Loudermilk said of the menu. "According to season and ingredient availability and suppliers, the menu will change over the course of the year."

Located a few feet from the Ginocchio's hotel lobby and famous curly pine staircase will sit the bar, offering a full range of beverages including signature drinks, served from the venue's original bar. The bar had been previously moved to the Fly-n-Fish, owned by Don Henley, founding member of the Eagles.

"Don donated the bar to the Depot, and from the Depot it is now back in its proper place, the Ginocchio," Loudermilk said. "We salute Don for protecting the bar and making this generous donation."

Judd Byrnes will serve as general manager and manager of The Bar.

"My vision for the whole place is a home where everybody is passionate about fantastic service, great food and great spirits," Byrnes said. "It doesn't happen very often; it's a very simplistic idea - but no one does it. How many places can you go that you can get fantastic food, fantastic service and fantastic drinks?"

Loudermilk said the team behind the Ginocchio will evolve around that simple idea.

"We're trying to build a team and rally around a common vision," Loudermilk said. "We don't intend to have people on board that don't rally around that vision. We want to deliver on all four: ambiance, food, beverages and service."

"We want, as soon as people leave, for them to be thinking about coming back," Jandres said.

Though the Ginocchio and The Bar are expected to open in November, Loudermilk says they only represent the first phase of the Ginocchio Hotel development. A second phase will bring the Ginocchio Brewpub to the west side of the Ginocchio, which will be connected to The Ginocchio and The Bar via a mixed outdoor/indoor venue that will provide a more casual experience. Loudermilk said during phase two, he will be able to fulfill a promise he made years ago, by brewing Boogie Woogie in Marshall. The second phase is expected to be completed by mid-2018.

Loudermilk said a third phase will utilize the second floor of the Ginocchio Hotel in order to offer private dining, meeting rooms and specialty lodging.

With the completion of the third phase, the Ginocchio Hotel will accommodate meetings, parties and special events. The timing for the third phase will be announced in 2018.

Loudermilk said the Ginocchio was already started hiring for servers, bartenders, wait staff, food preparers and dishwashers. To apply call (903) 472-4266 or email Loudermilk said he hopes to fill about 30 or 40 positions.



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