A few weeks ago tragedy struck a local animal foster family working with the Friends of Marshall Animals, when Petey The Great, a recent foster dog, destroyed the Barbie collection of his foster parents’ 10-year-old daughter Paizley Jo.

Paizley’s mother, Katy Pugh, said that Petey was able to destroy 10 Barbies, a Barbie boat and even a Baby Alive doll before the family discovered it.

“He really is the sweetest dog, I just think he got anxious and was lonely when we weren’t there,” Pugh said, explaining that when Petey was rescued he was being used as a bait dog, and had to be confined for a while afterward to recover from his injuries.

Members of the Friends of Marshall Animals wanted to make it right, as a way to show appreciation to the foster family, and started a collection of Barbies to surprise Paizley Jo with.

“We really appreciate them, and everything that they do, this family has saved the lives of tons of local animals,” said FOMA member Jana Hernandez.

On Friday, Paizley and her family gathered with FOMA members at the law office of Paul Turner in Marshall, to surprised Paizley with her new collection.

To make up for the loss of her dolls, Paizley received over 200 Barbie dolls, two Barbie mansions, a number of Barbie vehicles including a new boat and even an RV and two classic cars, along with a number of bins filled to the brim with clothes, shoes and other Barbie accessories.

“I was sad and mad at the same time,” Paizley Jo said about when she discovered her Barbies were destroyed. “But now, I am really happy. I want to make sure I get Petey a toy too, when he goes to his forever home.”

FOMA organizers said that they were able to accrue such a vast collection of Barbies in such a short time by appealing to the groups members and volunteers, who generously supported the cause.

“Many people donated, and that’s what it takes,” Hernandez said.

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