Fernando Riordan was working buying and selling vehicles when he came across an ice cream truck, and he decided to turn it into a business to make the whole community smile.

“It had ice cream in it already, and the guy was like ‘Well you can sell it if you want to’ so I was like ‘why not’ and I did it, and it was so much fun, and I was like ‘well let me just go ahead and keep it,’ so I decided to keep it,” he said.

Riordan loves making people happy with his ice cream truck.

“Seeing how happy it makes not just the kids, but the adults as well. There was a guy, probably my age that was chasing after the ice cream truck the other day and it was hilarious,” he said. “And then springing back, something that used to be really popular, and people, they say ‘Oh I haven’t seen an ice cream truck for years,’ and it’s kind of sad, but the ice cream business is kind of dying out, and so it’s neat to kind of bring it back alive.”

Riordan teaches hip hop and breakdance on the side.

“I was teaching at the YMCA in Shreveport, and then when the whole pandemic happened, I ended up moving out here ‘cause of the coronavirus,” he said. “Of course I lost a lot of clientele because of that, ‘cause it’s interactive. But I’m gonna start something new coming up in about a month, and we’re gonna start doing dance competitions and I’m gonna start dance classes back up, for this area.”

Classic Ice Cream doesn’t just go around the community selling ice cream, it’s also available for events.

“So the events are really fun, that’s something new that we did,” Riordan said. “Of course I incorporate the dancing with it, so for just $125, that’s the first package, we come out and we dance. We do dance competitions, we do like a hula hoop competition, and then we do a limbo, I made a limbo, so they can get out there and limbo, and it’s a lot of fun. We try to make it more than just coming out and bringing ice cream, now we’re trying to add things to it. I might add something where it’s like the pin the tail on the donkey? I might do put the ice cream on the cone or something. So I incorporate different things for fun.”

Riordan likes to do contests. Last Wednesday he did one where people could get free ice cream for finding his truck — there’s an app where people can track the truck on their phone.

“It’s called Glimpse and they can follow us and see where we’re at, so they don’t have to be waiting outside in the heat or they don’t have to be waiting outside in the cold, they can see when we’re gonna pop up on their screens,” he said. “They just go on the Facebook and click on the link, and it’ll just open right up and show you exactly where we’re at and how close we are to your house, you can follow us around, and then we’ve had some people even track us down, like chase us down in their car.”

The ice cream truck has a lot of flavors available.

“We have a turtle, which is kind of like the turtle candies that are really popular, and that one is really really good,” Riordan said. “That’s the only one I know that’s $4, but it is huge. It’s one you could actually share with somebody, and then my other favorite one is the characters. They’re really good ‘cause you got almost two things in one. I’m a fan of bubble gum, so like the ninja turtles have bubble gum eyeballs and stuff.”

With Riordan’s birthday coming up on Feb. 18, he decided to do a buy one get one free special for the day — all you have to do is wish him happy birthday if you find his truck on that day.

“It’s neat that I’m able to help the community out, and it’s just something new that the community didn’t have before, and so I saw how excited people got about it, and it made me excited, and it made us excited, and so we decided to continue it, and I’ve just been kind of learning along the way,” he said.

Through Valentine’s Day, you can get a free candy heart with a purchase of an ice cream.

The Classic Ice Cream truck can be found on Facebook under the name Classic Ice Cream, and on instagram under the handle @ClassicIceCream2020. Call Riordan at (318) 401-7887 for event inquiries.

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