JEFFERSON — The heavy weight of continued snowfall on Wednesday led to boat awnings at two East Texas area lakes collapsing on top of the boats they sheltered.

Bullfrog Marina at Lake O the Pines, had one of its two awnings collapse under the weight of snow midday Wednesday, causing the awning to land on top of about 40 boats sheltered underneath.

“Our boat, we have a tritoon, is underneath the awning but the boats haven’t sunk yet,” Boat owner and Jefferson resident Tyrani Braddock said Wednesday. “I just called out to Bullfrog Marina and the owner said the boats haven’t sunk and they asked us not to come out and try to move them.”

Braddock said based on drone photos taken Wednesday by a friend, it appears the awning is resting on top of her boat and other taller boats houseboats — keeping smaller boats beside them from being crushed.

“I’d hate to try to pull our boat out and have the awning fall down more and damage someone else’s boat,” she said. “I’m hoping, based on the drone photos, that we can repair our boat.”

Braddock said she was just relieved no one was reported injured by the collapsed awning and she hopes the marina’s insurance and her own boaters’ insurance can repair the damage to their family boat.

“We’ve had it less than a year,” she said. “Who would have ever thought we would have weather like this that would cause something like this to happen?”

Bullfrog Marina LLC owner, who was not able to be identified on Wednesday, refused to comment on the collapsed awning when reached by phone.

Across Marion County, in Caddo Lake, another boat awning collapsed under the weight of snow and ice Wednesday at Shady Glade Resort.

Shady Glade Resort Owner David Smith said Wednesday the awning collapsed onto five barges that were sheltered underneath — with two of the barges belonging to the resort.

No one was injured at the Shady Glade awning collapse site.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Warden Captain Shawn Hervey said Wednesday law enforcement will not be conducting an investigation into the collapsed boat awnings as the weather related incidents are considered civil matters.

“It’s a civil issue between Bullfrog Marina and the boat owners,” Hervey said Wednesday.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which manages Lake O’ the Pines, was not immediately available for comment on Wednesday.

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