On Thursday, City Attorney Scott Rectenwald addressed commissioners about the legality of long time absentees of commissioners. 

Rectenwald stated that the city charter does have a stipulation that absences over sickness are excused, and it does specify the length of that absence. 

This report was the result of concerns raised at the last city commissioners meeting, mostly by Commissioner Vernia Calhoun, over the extended absence of Commissioner Gail Beil, due to health concerns.

Rectenwald stated that the only routes available to the city to fill Beil's seat are to either change the city charter, or for the community to sign a petition for a recall which, with enough signatures, would result in a new election. 

"They are not trying to remove her," Calhoun said, "They just want the seat filled." 

Calhoun raised concerns over the lack of representation in the Beil's district, District 2, which she said had been brought to her attention by community members. 

The commissioners did approve a proposal for Bojorquez law firm to provide charter review legal services, which would result in recommendations to updating the charter. 

City Manager Mark Rohr said that the charter has not been updated since 1908.  

"To put this into perspective this charter was written 12 years before women could vote," Rohr said. 

Commissioners also approved the request of Republic Services Inc. to increase the contract for solid waste disposal by 2.7 percent. 

"This is just an annual event that we need to address. It is base on cost of living and maintenance and backed up by the data," said Gene Keenon with Republic Services. 

The city also approved the use of child safety fees to benefit the Martin House, which provides resources for local law enforcement for children in abusive situations, including trained interviewers. 

"I wish we could give you more," Calhoun said, "We need more programs that are like this." 

Police Chief Cliff Carruth also presented the commissioners with a plan to add three stop signs to intersections around Marshall due to safety concerns. 

Intersections include East Houston and Lafayette, West Houston and Franklin, and Indian Springs and East Travis. 

The addition of these stop signs will create a four way stop at each of these locations. 

The Director of Community and Economic Development Wes Morrison also gave a report to the commission regarding the cities economic development. 

Morrison addressed how the city has been working on goals set by the commission based on the Mobilize Marshall Plan. 

These goals include establishment of the economic development office and hiring a community development manager, along with working on the cities branding and creating new brochures. 

The commissioners did not view an ordinance regarding a Special Use Permit for a lounge at 1207 East Grand because it was pulled by the property owner. 

Finally, Mayor Terri Brown acknowledged the 90th anniversary of Sabine Extension Education Association. 

The next city meeting will be Nov. 21 at City Hall at 6 p.m.