The Marshall City commission will hold a special called meeting Monday, Feb. 10 to vote on proposed changes to the city charter.

The vote will take place after a public hearing on the recommendations, which gives the community the opportunity to address the commission directly about the charter.

A copy of the recommended changes is available for the community to review at under city government, and agendas.

The changes are being proposed to the commission by the Charter Review Board, which is composed of Diane Seal, Stacia Runnels, Scott Carlile, Herbert Johnson, Garrett Boersma and Angelita Jackson.

The group has been joined by City Manager Mark Rohr, acting City Attorney Scott Rectenwald, Dottie Palumbo with Bojorquez Law Firm and two ex-official members, Commissioners Vernia Calhoun and Amy Ware.

The board has been meeting since December 2019, reviewing the city’s current charter and recommending potential changes to it.

The goal of the meetings is to present the Marshall City Commission with recommended changes, which if voted to approve will be placed on the ballot for the community to vote on in May 2020.

The city’s current charter was written in 1909. The city attempted to change the charter in 2018 by forming a similar committee, but according to Rohr, mitigating circumstances, including former city attorney Todd Fitts falling ill, halted the process after only two committee meetings.

Another attempt was made to revise the charter in 1999, which was brought to a vote. Stormy Nickerson, the city communications coordinator, said that revision did not pass, and only about 10 percent of the city’s population voted on the change.

The meeting will take place at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall. All city meetings are open to the public, and any community members who wishes to address the city about the charter changes may do so during the public hearing portion of the meeting.