The City of Marshall City Commissioners will vote to determine who out of five candidates will be selected to fill the empty district two commissioners seat today during the commissioners meeting.

The meeting will take place at 6 p.m. at City Hall, at 401 South Alamo and is open to the public.

Out of the five candidates that submitted an application to fill the seat, one was discovered to be ineligible.

City officials did not respond by press time for a request for which candidate was ineligible or why. The original five candidates were Deb Flarity, Leo Morris, Jeffery Henderson, Chris Fraizer and Kenneth Crawford.

All candidates met with the commission previously during a special called commissioners meeting Jan. 30 during which each candidate was given a 20 minute interview with the commission.

Each commissioner will vote for the candidate they believe will do the best job, and if no candidate receives the majority on the first vote the top two candidates will be pulled out and another vote will take place to select the top candidate.

The appointee will serve as Commissioner for District Two until the May 2 election.


The city will also vote on an agreement for ball field usage and concession services at Airport Park.

After 12 community members addressed the commission with concerns over the alteration of fees after the last time the city proposed the changes, city officials met with the Marshall Youth Baseball Association and Marshall Youth Softball Association to negotiate an agreement.

The user fees on the new contract will be $60 for one year, $75 for two years and $90 for three years, per sport, per season, paid to the city by the end of the regularly scheduled play season.

The city will also hear the second reading of two ordinances approving a special called election to be held in May 2020.

The first is for the public to consider 16 proposed amendments to the Charter of the city of Marshall.

Changes were recommended to the commission by the Charter Review Board. For more information on these items, see the Feb. 12 edition of the News Messenger.

The second will be for the reauthorization of the local sales tax at the rate of 1/8th of one percent. The rate will remain the same, but must be placed on the ballot due to its upcoming expiration.

The commission will also consider the first reading of an ordinance that amends Chapter 27 of the City of Marshall Code of Ordinances, removing the section on Same – Heavy vehicle parking and replacing the it with a new section titled Commercial Vehicle Parking.

The goal of this ordinance is to prohibit commercial vehicle parking in non-permitted areas, including non-permitted parking lots and residential areas.

The ordinance would prohibit commercial vehicles, defined as a truck-tractor, semi-trailer, bus, or truck or trailer that has a carrying capacity of 10 tons and has a length of 35 feet or more, from parking on public streets, alleys, or right-of ways.

A few exceptions are also written in the ordinance, including for loading and unloading of material or passengers, and it does offer the possibility to apply for permits to allow commercial vehicle parking.

The Marshall Police Department is also requesting the approval of $90,000 to be used as a down payment for 10 new cars for the department. The City’s 2020 budget did set aside the money to be used for new police vehicles. The request does state that the remaining balance on the cars, $421,932.50, will require financing to be brought before the commission later. The Municipal Court Administrator and City Prosecutor will also be at the meeting on Thursday to provide an update regarding Municipal Court operations to the city commission.

All city meetings are open to the public, and anyone interested in addressing the commission may do so during the meeting’s citizen’s comments portion.