2020 street improvment plan total.png

The total map of work planned for city streets in the second phase of the 2020 street improvement project.

The city of Marshall, through its Public Works Department, is continuing its second phase of the 2020 Street Improvement Program this week.

On Tuesday, city contractors began to install a two inch overlay on South Garrett Street.

City Communication Representative Jasmine Rios said that this road was originally scheduled for last week but due to maintenance issues at the local asphalt plant the work was delayed.

The work will run from Highway 43 north up to Johnson Street.

Rios said that residents who live in these areas will experience delays as the paving process takes place.

“Your continued patience is much appreciated as the city improves our streets and roads,” Rios said.

The streetscaping is part of the larger project started by the city of Marshall last year. The 2020 street improvement project is a portion of the Mobilize Marshall plan, created by the city with community input in June 2019.

In 2020 the Street Improvement Plan was announced, with Public Works Director Eric Powell presented a list of roads that needed work done within the city limits, and what kind of repairs needed to be made to those roads.

The plan outlined 25 streets in need of overlay work, which would total 7,713 tons at the total cost of $809,911, including South Garrett Street.

An additional 11 roads were marked for pulverization, with a total area of 15,407 and a total cost of $308,133. Three roads were also marked for mill and pave totaling 21,876 in area and 2,516 tons, with a total cost of $328,133.

The total program cost was marked for $1,446,177.

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