Marshall City Commission recently released the first annual evaluation of City Manager Mark Rohr.

The Marshall City Commission performed an evaluation of Rohr in closed session during the last city meeting Jan. 9.

This annual evaluation is a component of the City Manager contract requested by Rohr at his initial contract of employment with the city of Marshall.

“I am very pleased with how the first year has gone. We have established a roadmap for our future with the Mobilize Marshall Plan, cleaned up administrative practices and established policies to guide the city in the years ahead, completed the Memorial City Hall project, initiated the Synergy Group of city leaders, launched the Adoption Center building plan, as well as established a downtown redevelopment plan and a neighborhood redevelopment plan,” Rohr said. “However, I am fully aware that all of this means little unless we move forward on the implementation of these plans. That will be our focus in Year 2.”

The City Manager Performance Evaluation contained ten assessment categories with five criteria to be scored by each city commissioner.

According to a news release from the city, Rohr received an average score of 4.66 on a 5.0 scale for his first year of performance.

The 10 assessment categories included individual characteristics, professional skills and status, relations with elected members of governing body, policy execution, reporting, citizen relations, staffing, supervision, fiscal management and community.

Each section has a number of categories with in it, with each commissioner capable to scoring Rohr on a scale from 1 to 5 for each individual section, which then takes the average score from each commissioner for the overall section score.

Rohr scored almost entirely in the 4 to 5 point range in each category by each commissioner.

Though he was marked in three of the four individual categories under supervision as a 3.0 by Commissioner Doug Lewis. Rohr still received a 4.4 average score in that category.

The highest ranked average for Rohr was a 4.76 in individual characteristics. He also scored 4.72 in professional skills and status, policy execution and citizen relations.

Rohr averaged a 4.68 in community, fiscal management and reporting, a 4.64 in relations with governing body and a 4.6 in staffing.

The lowest score obtained by Rohr was a 4.4 in supervision, largely due to Lewis’s 3.0 scorings.

“Mr. Rohr’s strengths are his work ethic, vision, integrity, and innovation. He is a get the job done, a strategic thinker with exceptional planning skills, a thorough understanding of municipal management practices, processes and procedures; and an in-depth knowledge of municipal finance. In my six years as a City Commissioner, Mr. Rohr has accomplished more in one year than the full six years on the Commission while providing a high quality of life to our citizens,” said Commissioner Vernia Calhoun in the news release.

Other commissioners expressed similar opinion in the city’s news release.