Construction on the ongoing downtown revitalization program has kicked back up on the 100 block of East Houston Street now that Wonderland of Lights has officially ended for the season.

This is the second portion of the project to begin work, with the first portion focusing on the 200 block of North Washington Avenue, which started almost exactly a year ago.

City Communication Coordinator Jasmine Rios said that the project began construction Monday and will be completed within four months’ time. The original estimated cost for the second portion of the project was $479,000.

“The project has started and the contractor’s crews are on site beginning the first phase, which is demolition of the old concrete sidewalk,” said Eric Powell, Director of Public Works.

The project was approved on Sept. 23, 2021 by the City Council after some deliberation over which portion of downtown would next be addressed.

The 100 block of East Houston Street was selected for the next portion of the project by a vote of four to three, with councilmembers Amanda Abraham, Jennifer Truelove and Micah Fenton voting in favor of the 100 block of North Washington Street.

“We ask for everyone’s patience throughout the duration of this project. The City will do everything it can to accommodate all businesses and visitors to those businesses throughout the work schedule,” Powell said.

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