The city is working to make the changes outlined by the Mobilize Marshall plan come to life with a new downtown revitalization plan.

The plan, which will be presented to commissioners by City Manager Mark Rohr on Nov. 21, is an in-depth guide to address the issues brought up by the community.

“Once we created the plan we went back and started doing our homework,” Rohr said. “Now we are ready to start implementing what we know and make some changes.”

The Mobilize Marshall plan ratified by the city in June 2019 outlines eight aspects of downtown redevelopment that the city plans to address.

One aspect, passing a food truck ordinance, the city accomplished earlier this year.

Rohr said that the clear next step is to implement Phase 1 of the downtown redevelopment plan.

“I think that Phase 1 is going to be the most important,” Rohr said. “We can branch off and do other changes from there but having a solid place to go from is really important.”

Rohr has extensive experience in working on downtown revitalization plans, having created five for other cities for which he was employed.

One city, Washington Court House, Ohio, won the governor’s award in excellence in Ohio for his work.

“It’s really about showing the community that we are moving forward with the changes they want to see,” Rohr said. “That way everyone can start to visualize those changes.”

Rohr said that the plan will work to beautify Marshall and make downtown into a destination, among other things.

He explained that the goal with Mobilize Marshall is to keep incorporating aspects of the plan throughout a number of years, to consistently continue to help the city.

Already Rohr said that other city departments, including Eric Powell in the public works department, and Mallori James in tourism and planning, are working on other aspects of Mobilize Marshall.

Powell recently outlined his goal of implementing a Capitol Improvement Plan (CIP) to city commissioners.

The CIP covers changes to one of the unanimously voted on aspects of the Mobilize Marshall plan, infrastructure improvements.

This includes designing a comprehensive plan for roadway and drainage improvements and adequately funding roadway and drainage annually.

“It is important that the people of Marshall know that we are working to implement the changes that they wanted to see in their city,” Rohr said. “We all want Marshall to be a great place to live, and a tourism destination.”

Rohr’s detailed explanation of the revitalization plan will be presented at next Thursday’s commissioners meeting, which begins at 6 p.m. at 401 S. Alamo in Marshall.