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During Thursday’s regular city council meeting councilmembers will consider approval of a bid for the city’s 2021 Street Improvement Project.

During Thursday’s regular city council meeting councilmembers will consider approval of a bid for the city’s 2021 Street Improvement Project.

Director of Public Works Eric Powell proposed the bid for approval, suggesting that the city award the base bid and alternate “A” to Rayford’s Truck and Tractor at the amount of $1,468,558.

The 2021 Street Improvement Plan breaks down roads identified in need of repair within the city of Marshall into two parts.

Within part one of the plan 25 streets were identified for reconstruction and 26 streets were identified for overlay.

A full list of streets identified for needed reconstruction and overlay repairs in the 2021 street improvement plan is available at

On the agenda

Also on the agenda for Thursday’s meeting councilmembers will consider approval of the cities project and financing plans for the first tax increment reinvestment zone.

This ordinance, if approved, would officially instate the TIRZ, which is a mechanism that will raise money in the form of “increment tax” revenues over the next 15 years.

This will allow the city to use the funds collected to reinvest in the TIRZ area, by focusing on infrastructure projects deemed necessary by the city.

The project plan outlines a number of these potential new projects to be funded by the TIRZ, which include overall enhancement of the four blocks included in the TIRZ, as well as maintenance, upkeep, administration and marketing costs. These project total $2,055,000 in estimated costs.

Councilmembers will also consider the approval of the Community Block Development Grant Program plan for 2021.

This item was already presented to councilmembers and the community, though recently the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) made the city aware of an additional allocation of $5,151, which was missed due to a calculation error.

Because of this change in funding, city councilmembers are required to discuss and consider approval of the CDBG Annual Action Plan at the new award amount of $354,688.

On Thursday councilmembers will also consider approval of an annexation, service and development agreement between the city of Marshall and Piney Land I, LLC.

This agreement was requested by the land owner, who currently owns 126.51 acres of land in Marshall, but outside of the official city limits.

This agreement would make all commercial operations taking place in that area subject to city taxes, in exchange for the city to construct and maintain Martin Lake Loop and provide municipal services there.

MEDCO will also present to councilmembers on Thursday, seeking approval for expenditures in excess of $50,000. This project is an incentive for project lit, which is also known as Piney Land I, LLC.

City Community and Economic Development Director Fabio Angell will present five Small Business Grant Fund applications for city approval on Thursday.

These five businesses all applied for the city program, which is a reimbursement grant for costs that occurred to small local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Grants have a maximum price of $2,500, with all five businesses to be presented at Thursdays meeting applying for the maximum.

These businesses include Yulanda’s Hair Salon, Taqueria El Guerito, Level Up Nutrition, Marshall I-20 E Truck Stop Inc (Pony Express) and Rey of Love Church Supply.

Councilmembers will also consider potential new appointments and reappointments to the city’s planning and zoning commission as well as the Main Street Board during Thursdays meeting.

For the planning and zoning commission, two outgoing members Kyle Dansby and Matthew Kuhn, are recommended to be reappointed to the board. This leaved on vacancy for Colin Brady, whos term expired on the board and cannot be reappointed.

Both Robert Cole and Anne Mangrum have expressed interest in serving on this board, with recommendations going to Robert Cole to fill the position.

Brady will also be presented with a plaque during the meeting recognizing him for his six years in volunteer service to the board.

Regarding the Main Street Board There are two vacancies on the board right now that need to be filled. Community members Jay Carriker and Jeanette Krohn have expressed interest in serving on the board and it is recommended that both be appointed as new members.

Mayor Pro Tem Amanda Abraham will also present a proclamation during the meeting declaring June 10 through 13 as “Square Dance Week” in the city of Marshall.

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