In an effort to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus the city of Marshall commissioners will hold a virtual special called meeting this Friday at noon.

The community is welcome to watch the meeting on Fidelity Cable Channel 19 or live streamed on the city’s Facebook page at

The public is also welcome to participate in a video call or conference call to commissioners to make public comments during the meeting.

The city of Marshall is utilizing the Zoom video conferencing service to present the meetings.

To participate in the video conference call (to be seen and heard via video chat by commissioners during the citizens comments portion of the meeting):

2. Scroll to down the bottom of the page

3. Click on City Commission Virtual Meeting

4. Click the link under Join Zoom Meeting

5. You will be asked to download a computer plug-in.

6. Once the plug-in downloads you will be taken to the meeting

7. To participate in the audio conference call (to be heard by commissioners and community members watching the meeting without being seen, though your telephone number will be displayed):

9. Scroll down to the bottom of the page

10. Click on City Commission Virtual Meeting

11. You can use any number under One tap mobile or Dial by your location.

12. Dial the number on the page

13. Once the number has been dialed and the meeting code has been entered you will be joined to the meeting.

All participants will be muted upon entrance to the meeting and remain muted unless chosen to speak by the moderator. During the Virtual Video meeting, the public will be allowed to interact during citizens comments by raising their hand in the meeting.

To raise your hand during citizens comments for the virtual meeting, go to the bottom of the screen and click on the more button and click raise your hand. The moderator will acknowledge your turn to speak by unmuting your device. Your device will be acknowledged by the last three digits or letters of your device name.

Once a participant is unmuted they must provide their name and address. If the participant does not want to divulge their address over the virtual video call device, the participant can send their information to the moderator via private chat. This must be done prior to them speaking.

The participant for an audio call will have to divulge their name and address to the moderator over their device or they will not be allowed to speak. This also must be done prior to them speaking.

Each participant will be allowed three minutes for public comments unless extended time has been requested prior to the start of the meeting.

On the Agenda

The second reading of an ordinance regarding the city’s ability to restrict animals from city park facilities will be considered during the meeting.

Public Works Director Eric Powell explained during the first reading of the ordinance in February that it is a result of earlier contract negotiations with the Marshall Youth Softball Association and the Marshall Baseball Association, during which the groups expressed concerns over dogs being brought to league games at Airport Park.

Both leagues expressed concern over the animals scaring children who attend games, and asked the city to put up signs restricting their access to the park. To do so, the city is required to pass this ordinance before signs can legally be posted.

Commissioners will also hear from Acting City Attorney Scott Rectenwald regarding the legality behind city officials advocating for ballot propositions for the upcoming May 2 election.

Rectenwald will review his prepared report, as well as answer any questions posed by commissioners.

Police Chief Cliff Carruth will also present to commissioners during the meeting about abandoning a section of One Tiger Drive and a section of Dickson Street from Jarvis Street to North Grove Street.

The city has determined that these sections of road are of no use, according to the city’s meeting agenda. ETBU has agreed to provide an easement to the city of Marshall for the purpose of maintaining, repairing, improving, upgrading, constructing, or replacing city of Marshall infrastructure beneath the ETBU property for both sections of road.

Commissioners will also consider a resolution regarding the appointment of Election Officers for the 2020 General Election. Officers are Monica Nabors, as presiding judge, Steve Woodley as alternate judge, Carolyn Haynes as election clerk and Sheryl Yates as election clerk.

A closed session regarding “real property” as well as action from the meeting potentially allowing city staff to execute an agreement for the sale of property discussed in the session will occur during the meeting as well.

As a precaution and in compliance with CDC recommendations the city is currently encouraging community members to stream the meetings at home on the groups Facebook page at or to watch them live on T.V. Any public comments for the commission can also be sent to Stormy Nickerson, city communications representative, at and will be read aloud to the commission.