commissioners court

Harrison County Commissioners Court.

The Harrison County Commissioners Court gave the sheriff’s office the OK to purchase various investigative and safety equipment through specified grant awards.

“Those are all coming from grants,” noted Deputy Dwight Mays, who is grant administrator with the sheriff’s office. “Two separate (ones) are coming from our COVID grants.”

He said both grants will pay for seek-scan kiosks for the sheriff’s office and other county departments. County Judge Chad Sims noted that the kiosks act as temperature monitors that allow individuals to walk in front of it to scan their temperature.

“All you gotta do is stand in front for a second,” Mays described. “You set a range on it, kind of a pass or fail deal. It’ll take your exact temperature on it or it’ll say pass or fail.

“That way, it gives us a quick way to monitor people coming into the courthouse,” said Mays.

He noted that five are already installed at the sheriff’s department and the jail. Mays said two will probably be set up at the courthouse security desk to accommodate heavy traffic, when necessary.

“There’s probably going to be two set up at the courthouse security desk just so when we have a day of court or jury selection we can have one for the tax office and one for people coming into the courthouse,” he said. “That way, we can keep that line moving pretty swiftly.”

Items approved included the purchase of one Fuji infrared camera kit from Adorama in the amount of $4,499.95 to be paid from an East Texas Council of Governments (ETCOG) investigative equipment grant.

Another purchase was that of one ECO mobile incinerator in the amount of $27,080; and seven seek-scan kiosks from Lawman Supply Co., in the amount of $17,773. Both purchases will be paid from the Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding (CESF) COVID-19 support grant. The grant assists eligible states and governmental agencies in mitigating the spread of the coronavirus.

In addition to that, the court approved the purchase of 12 more seek-scan kiosks in the amount of $30,468 to be paid from the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) CARES ACT (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) grant funds.

Judge Sims thanked Mays for securing the necessary grants.

“We certainly appreciate your efforts in going after these grants,” Sims told Mays.

In other sheriff-related matters, the court approved the purchase of a $17,013.06 commercial dishwasher for the annex jail, to also be paid from a COVID-19 grant.

The court also approved a request from HCSO to purchase a set of jail keys in the amount of $5,771.29 out of the jail improvement budget line item to replace a set of worn keys. The court also approved the request of the sheriff’s office to pay $1,518.56 to Harrison County Glass to replace safety glass that was shattered by an inmate in Detox A.

“That is a task. When you got somebody busting out, they had got pretty violent,” Mays commented.

In other business, Human Resources Director Velma McGlothin presented the court with a plaque, stating that it was in appreciation of the county judge and commissioners’ leadership, superior knowledge, understanding, opportunities and encouragement shown to county employees.

“I want to thank the commissioners court for just being a good court,” McGlothin said.

“I’ve been here 28 years. I have to admit, I think y’all are the best court I’ve ever worked with,” the human resources director said.