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During Thursday’s regular city council meeting councilmembers will consider approval of a bid for the city’s 2021 Street Improvement Project.

City council will discuss a resolution Thursday regarding potential chattel slave reparations and an apology for chattel slavery in Marshall.

Chattel slavery is defined as the enslaved person being legally rendered as personal property, or chattel, of the slave owner.

Councilmember Marvin Bonner will present on the potential resolution during Thursday’s virtual city council meeting at 6 p.m.

Additionally during the meeting, Bonner will present on another resolution for the Chapter 380 Economic Development Grant promoting the city of Marshall, by Out the Box Productions.

An ordinance that would amend Chapter 4 of the Code of Ordinances in the city, entitled “Animals and Fowl” will also be presented to the Marshall councilmembers by Police Chief Cliff Carruth.

This will be the second time that Carruth has presented to the council regarding changes to the city’s policy regarding animal control, which he previously stated goes hand in hand with the construction of the new Animal Adoption Center.

Two public hearings will also be presented to councilmembers on Thursday by the city’s community and economic development director Fabio Angell.

The first public hearing is in regards to the Community Development Block Grant Program for this year, which includes the Neighborhood Improvement Program.

After the hearing, councilmembers will consider approval for an action plan for this year’s Community Development Block Grant Program.

The second public hearing presented by Angell will be regarding the creation of an historic sub-district in the city of Marshall’s downtown area.

After the public hearing, an ordinance to create this district, which would amend the provisions for Section 32 “zoning ordinances”, adding a section designating and describing the area, the intention and design standards specific to the sub-district and providing for penalties.

Councilmembers will also consider approval of the second change order for the 200 Block of North Washington Ave. Redevelopment Project, which will be presented by Director of Public Works Eric Powell.

The city’s Interim Finance Director will also present to councilmembers during the meeting regarding approval of an ordinance to amend the 2021 annual budget.

Councilmembers will also consider reopening council meetings to the public on Thursday, also with Mayor Terri Brown declaring April “Sexual Assault Awareness Month”.

Thursday’s meeting will be at 6 p.m. and will be conducted utilizing a video and audio conferencing tool, as well as, a standard conference call. Instructions and direct links to view the meeting or speak during citizen comment can be found at

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